On The Best New TV Show of the Fall Season

Pan Am, Charlies Angels, and The Playboy Club for that matter, were god AWFUL! But Revenge hooked me from MINUTE ONE, and Im a tougher critic than Ms Sicha! Didnt know Daniel was a-gasp-Brit, AND he was buddies with Amy Winehouse? He must have been some partier!

Posted on October 20, 2011 at 1:12 pm 0

On Eating Out At Four Of TV's Best-Known Restaurants

I went to Tom/Monks-ok place-I got an egg white omelette and my friend got the BIG Salad-actually, two little salads combined! Why didnt the writer go to The Soup Nazi-AKA Soup for One? I went there, GREAT soup, and Al gave me all this free, extra stuff-bread, fruit, some other things! Of course it helped that I went in and ordered like I was Newman! I got two soups-Mulligitawny! And it was about $18. Funniest thing was,,walking out of the long line, I turned a corner to where my car was parked, and what do I find on the ground? A $20 bill! Only in America!

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