On Translating Andrés Neuman's "Traveler of the Century"

Andrés Neuman, born in 1977, is young, prolific and ridiculously talented. He published his first novel, Bariloche, at 22 and has since published nine more books, including novels, books of poetry, aphorisms and a travel book. He was named to the Bogota 39, a list of 39 Latin American writers under 40 to watch, and was included in Granta’s The Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists. Until now, none of his books have appeared in English. That's changing with the prize-winning Traveler of the Century, out next week from Farrar, Straus & Giroux. It's a roving, weird tale of a traveler and translator who ends up in the ever-changing town of Wandernburg, Germany in the 19th century. The two translators who took on the novel are Nick Caistor and Lorenza Garcia—and I interviewed them by email about what it's like to translate as a duo. READ MORE

Translating A Norwegian First Novel: A Q. & A. With Kerri Pierce

“Awkward” is an overused word that has, over time, come to connote an almost endearing shyness. Its actual meanings, though—difficult, ungainly, abnormal—perfectly describe Mathea Martinsen, the narrator of Norwegian writer Kjersti A. Skomsvold’s debut novel, The Faster I Walk, The Smaller I Am. The book, out next week from Dalkey Archive, takes up Mathea’s life after the death of her husband. With no one to talk to, she wears a watch in the hopes that someone will ask her the time, talks to the news anchors on TV and repeatedly calls the operator asking for her own number. It’s a painfully funny exploration of loneliness, written in a lean prose that’s been translated from Norwegian into English by Kerri A. Pierce. READ MORE

Translating César Aira: A Q. & A. with Rosalie Knecht

In 2006, Rosalie Knecht graduated from Oberlin and flew to Argentina on a Fulbright scholarship to work on a translation of César Aira’s The Seamstress and the Wind, out this week from New Directions. The novel is Knecht's first as a translator, and working on Aira places her in the company of such respected names as Chris Andrews and Katherine Silver. READ MORE