On Lonely Planet Travel Guides Dumped At "Big Loss" By BBC

Travel guides are still surprisingly useful in some countries. For instance, I went to Australia last year and most of their businesses are surprisingly behind the times compared to the US or UK when it comes to small places having any sort of web presence. I think Yelp had only arrived in Australia like 3mo. before we visited, so it was mostly just barren and often incorrect listings. (And I couldn't find any sort of Aussie yelp-equivalent). Also wifi was hilariously sporadic, expensive, and rare in the places we stayed.

That said, I still relied heavily on TripAdvisor and Wikitravel, but having a physical travel guide -- even one a year or two out of date -- was a big help.

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On How Much Should A Writer Get Paid? A Conversation

I briefly freelanced (print, never web) at the start of my career, but as soon as I was able to find full-time writing work I bailed. It's less fun and you can't easily build a name for yourself like you can as a freelancer (and it's harder to make contacts in general, IMO), but getting a regular paycheck and not having to deal with the whole feast-or-famine unpredictability of freelancing was (and has remained) worth it.

For what it's worth, I got paid between $40 and $70/article writing for a small free weekly, then $100/article when I freelanced a little bit on the side mid-career. I also helped send out the contracts at a trade-mag I worked full-time for, and I know they paid between $200 and $480/article for their contract-freelance columnists (most of them only wrote like 2-4 articles a year, though).

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On The Great Pumpkin Beer-Off

@Leon Tchotchke Mostly because of the awesome label, I readily admit.

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On The Great Pumpkin Beer-Off

NONE OF THESE. The answer is Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale. http://bythepint.com/sites/default/files/images/weyerbacher-imperial-pumpkin-beer-review.preview.jpg

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On 'Stranger In A Strange Land': Can You Grok That?

@Jared Heinlein was all over the place politically. Starship Troopers is pretty fascist in some but not all respects -- there's a terrible, TERRIBLE strawman advocating corporal punishment as the only way to raise anyone to believe anything -- but then you've got something like The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress which is fairly libertarian? I'd say his politics are primarily old school libertarian/free-market anarchism, which is to say bearing almost no resemblance to modern political libertarianism. But that might not be a fair characterization, either.

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On Goodbye, Reader! We Were Never Meant To Be

I dunno, man. Thinking that something you wrote is under appreciated is one thing, but getting mad that someone likes something - even if it's for a dumb reason - seems like some awful rich hubris to me. There's always going to be a disconnect between the art of writing and the business of writing, but it's that business that lets you do the art part, so I think it's usually smart to just suck it up and be happy you're in a position to have that complaint at all.

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On Infographic: Should You Cover a Piece of Tragic Breaking News?

@SidAndFinancy "*Do you have*, or are you, a reporter within 20 miles?" would seem to cover this. Presumably the NY Times has a reporter within 20 miles.

I'm guessing that was directed more at local weeklies that feel the need to write up national news stories days after they happened, as if nobody knows anything until Thursday rolls around and the Pottstown Bugler comes out and they get done pulling out the Safeway coupons.

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On Tube Of Goo Unappealing

Americans should not be afraid of their foods. Foods should be afraid of their Americans.

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On How To Make Beer Ice Cream

I got really excited about making this and started looking at ice cream makers on Amazon. Why are roughly 80% of all ice cream makers in the shape of old-timey buckets? What the hell?

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On Dude In Tights Totally Gay

@DoctorDisaster Oh man, I totally breezed past that part. NICE, DC. Nice.

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