On A Decade Later, Whither the Metrosexual

I definitely agree that the metrosexual is the modern day heir to the dandy. They both arose during a time of economic expansion and success, and they were both noted for their ability to consume: clothes, toiletries, electronics (in the case of the metrosexual.) The Gay Panic aspect is about homophobia, but it's also about the distrust of a man who doesn't make a living working with his hands. The hipster in contrast arose out of a counter-culture that at least initially rejected consumerism and embraced a working-class DIY aesthetic. (Is it really a surprise that hipster culture arose during a time when the proliferation of the internet was lowering the salaries of creative class jobs?) Now after the recession and a limping recovery, neither of these lifestyles that are really a reaction to capitalism seem as relevant.

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On How to Work for the Enemy and Feel Just Fine

Is there any higher form of privilege higher than being able to abstain from politics? The policies of the Hoover Institution may not have detrimentally affected someone from a white, upper middle-class background and the people working there may have been polite, but the policies that they promote have have had real, adverse effects on many Americans. The economy is not something that was given to us from on high; it's created by the social forces that we either support or fight against.

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On What Your Gap Fragrance Said About You

I think I wore Dream, but right now all I can recall is the smell of tater tots and greasy pizza in my middle school cafeteria.

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On Twenty-Seven

On my 27th birthday, I was living in my childhood bedroom after dropping out of grad school. One month from my 28th birthday, I have my own apartment, a job and health insurance. I've made a lot of progress, but this is also the year I had to accept that there are some things I'll never do, a person I'll never be.

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On At The Multiplex: Some Movie Pitches For Hollywood!

@jfruh You know what's worse? Tom Hanks directed it!

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On At The Multiplex: Some Movie Pitches For Hollywood!

If Three Brahs came on tv on a Wednesday night when I had nothing better to do, I wouldn't change the channel, but I might watch it on mute. (Jessica Biel would totally play the waitress, right?)

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On "I Met A Ghost!" Five Chilling Real-Life Tales!

Ok, here's mine:

When I was 21, I rented a studio in a loft building in Brooklyn. Everything was normal until it began getting cold in November. One day as I was sitting at my desk, which faced the window and away from the rest of the apartment, I felt like some one was watching me. I was creeped out but ignored it. This presence continued, especially at night when I would huddle under my covers. I know this sounds like ridiculous behavior, but I really felt like there was something else in there with me. The really creepy part began a few months later. I came home one day to find my hairbrush on the floor. That's weird, I thought, but I figured I must have knocked it to the floor when I was getting ready. A few weeks later, I came home to find a stack of papers that had been on my desk scattered on the floor. The window had been closed and the fan off. Again I rationalized it. About a month after that, I came home to find a glass that I had left on the table on the floor. Not knocked over, just placed on the floor. I had definitely not done that. After that I decided to move.

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