On What Your Gap Fragrance Said About You

I think I wore Dream, but right now all I can recall is the smell of tater tots and greasy pizza in my middle school cafeteria.

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On Twenty-Seven

On my 27th birthday, I was living in my childhood bedroom after dropping out of grad school. One month from my 28th birthday, I have my own apartment, a job and health insurance. I've made a lot of progress, but this is also the year I had to accept that there are some things I'll never do, a person I'll never be.

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On At The Multiplex: Some Movie Pitches For Hollywood!

@jfruh You know what's worse? Tom Hanks directed it!

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On At The Multiplex: Some Movie Pitches For Hollywood!

If Three Brahs came on tv on a Wednesday night when I had nothing better to do, I wouldn't change the channel, but I might watch it on mute. (Jessica Biel would totally play the waitress, right?)

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On "I Met A Ghost!" Five Chilling Real-Life Tales!

Ok, here's mine:

When I was 21, I rented a studio in a loft building in Brooklyn. Everything was normal until it began getting cold in November. One day as I was sitting at my desk, which faced the window and away from the rest of the apartment, I felt like some one was watching me. I was creeped out but ignored it. This presence continued, especially at night when I would huddle under my covers. I know this sounds like ridiculous behavior, but I really felt like there was something else in there with me. The really creepy part began a few months later. I came home one day to find my hairbrush on the floor. That's weird, I thought, but I figured I must have knocked it to the floor when I was getting ready. A few weeks later, I came home to find a stack of papers that had been on my desk scattered on the floor. The window had been closed and the fan off. Again I rationalized it. About a month after that, I came home to find a glass that I had left on the table on the floor. Not knocked over, just placed on the floor. I had definitely not done that. After that I decided to move.

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