On Anthony Burgess: "We Have a Duty to Distrust the State"

@emberglance, not everything that the Teaparty stands for is crazy. I don't want to have my choices in life shrunk by the government. I also don't want services I may personally need (even though I've paid my fair share of taxes,social security, etc. for 40 yrs.) taken away from me by the government.

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On Here Comes Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis!

That's nothing. Look up New Delhi metallo-beta- lactamase-1

This is really scary

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On Media Panic! The Economy's Spring Surprise! (As Explained Weeks Ago)

I think this article is spot-on.

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On An Analysis of the Thomas Kinkade Calendar for April

@wallsdonotfall I guess there will be no 12 step meetings in that basement.

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On A Reading List For People Who Love Learning About The World

Seuss's Oh, the Places You’ll Go tells me all I need to know.

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On Trump Products Unhappy-Making

Modern-day snake oil.

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On Lionfish: Beautiful, Unstoppable Killing Machines Of The Deep

This is nightmare material.

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On Understanding England's "Gag Order" Scandal

@LondonLee And Pippa's ars.

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On You Will Itch And Scratch Before You Pass Away

@Bittersweet I wonder if Nostradamus predicted this?

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On The Best Fried Chicken In The World, Galaxy, Universe

I have never met a pecan pie I didn't love.

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