I think tiny hamsters in votive holders are cute. However, I would not advocate using a hamster as a candle.

On Let's Call It 'Apple Privilege'

Until Apple can build an iPhone that isn't rendered useless once you drop it from a height of two feet, I don't really care what the fanboys think. Maybe they can take a lesson from the headphones and build a product that doesn't require you to treat it like a Faberge egg.

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On Do You Know Where Your Teens Are? (They're Swarming John Green)

I am about to read the damn book so I can bond with my 13yr old. Every single book she buys is about dead/dying/probably-going-to-die/teens. WHY CAN'T THESE AUTHORS JUST WRITE ABOUT GIRLS GETTING THEIR PERIODS LIKE THEY DID WHEN I WAS A KID?

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On Journalists Cowed

Thank you for letting me know that there's no reason whatsoever for me to check Facebook today.

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On How to Write

Love this.
My 13 year old said "I have 5-thousand followers on Tumblr. You don't even have a Tumblr mom, so are you even a real writer?".

I definitely need to up my Harry Styles fanfic game.

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On Intrepreneurial Disrupters Zig Towards Taco Innovation

Who started the "disrupter-as-a-title" craze. I really don't like that person.

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On How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

@Rod T Yes. It's now "Awl Obituaries and Bears."

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On How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

@jolie I think Choire is channeling a Scandal storyline. We'll know for sure if a child of a Republican candidate comes down with meningitis in his next post.

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On How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

I'm sorry, you forgot about President Joe Scarborough.

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On The Miata Is 25

@ignerd Along those lines...what was up with red Miatas? My husband and I were invited to a long weekend at a lake in Northern California at the height of Miata mania. We were the only straight couple out of six couples. There were four Red Miatas in the driveway, plus our Honda Accord. Maybe it was just coincidence. Or maybe the cars turned people gay?

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On How Bookstores Survive

I have a non-NYC recommendation. I love this bookstore so much and if you are ever in Minneapolis, go to it. Even if you are not a kid.
Wild Rumpus is located in Linden Hills, which is a cute little neighborhood, south of the lakes. There's a big door for grown-ups and a tiny door for kids. Inside, there are great books, but also a veritable menagerie of animals. Cats, ferrets, mice, a tarantula named Thomas Jefferson and a bunch of chickens wandering around. The spider is not actually wandering around. The spider is located below a glass window on the floor of the bookstore so kids can walk over the spider. The cats are Manx, so no tails and also super friendly. Lots of comfy chairs, great author visits and best of all, it's next to some really terrific restaurants for people over the age of 12.

Thus ends my unsolicited testimonial for a children's bookstore in Minneapolis.

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