I think tiny hamsters in votive holders are cute. However, I would not advocate using a hamster as a candle.

By KarenUhOh on Have You Considered Your Leaders' Optics Lately?

Politics is the worst thing to happen to Politics.

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By jolie on Do You Have a Question for Evelyn Everlady?

@Gef the Talking Mongoose MEEEEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOO SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (especially because I HATE the New Internet and want to support any and all attempts to bring back the old one that I loved so much.)

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By Gef the Talking Mongoose on Do You Have a Question for Evelyn Everlady?

Oh my God oh my God oh my God.

I'm so excited my typing fingers are locking up. That is all.

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By Smitros on The Data Thinks You're Weird

And the columnist had the opportunity to use the phrase "have tried your hand at masturbation."

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By mgw on Change Comes From Within Website

@paddlepickle Maybe she'll get paid now.

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By laurel on How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

@hockeymom I even heard the camera click audio cues in between the Choire's paragraphs.

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By barnhouse on How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

@GailPink YES.

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By GailPink on How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

As long as they lose.

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By petejayhawk on Should You Tweet?

I follow back.

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By garlicmustardweed on Ask Polly: I'm 33 And Single. What Am I Doing Wrong?

Two or three weeks into dating my now husband, I found out I had an HPV infection. I was incredibly embarrassed, since it was the legacy of condom-less one night stand that I had had two months earlier, before meeting him. I was sure this would ruin everything: I needed to tell this wonderful new boyfriend that we should wait to have sex until the infection cleared. He was uncomfortable when I told him, but he didn't run. He told me that he was, in fact, a mid-twenties virgin, and was therefore, OK with waiting a couple more weeks to have sex. He had been super embarrassed about his inexperience, I had been super embarrassed about my previous sex life. I then also explained, by way of explaining why I was the kind of person that had condom-less one night stands, that I had been in therapy for anxiety and low self esteem. So within a month of dating, it was all out there: I had an STD, I was seeing a shrink, he was a virgin and insecure about sex in general. It should have been a recipe for disaster, but we really, really liked each other. The vulnerability, honesty, and uncomfortable talks we had in the first couple months of dating helped us to have genuine intimacy later on. Our flaws were not incompatibilities, they were just us being imperfect humans. Like you (and Polly) I probably would have tried to keep playing the put-together chill-lady super-woman card for as long as possible, but maybe its a good thing that my hand was forced.

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