50 Shades Of “Argh”

When you read the 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy you will come across, along with your scenes of light BDSM, some baffling word choices. One telling count: "Moist" appears three times; "explodes," nine times; and "sweatpants," 14 times. Yesterday, at New York's Vulture blog, Patti Greco listed the trilogy's 50 worst uses of synonyms. But there's another weird word that crops up in the books, and that's "argh." It's not that the word itself is weird. It's that E L James uses it only for sex scenes, and it has to be most unsexy word you could ever possibly yell during sex. Right? I dare you to try it. In terms of sexiness it’s probably somewhere between repeatedly saying the name of a former British Prime Minister and yelling out types of sexually transmitted diseases. READ MORE

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