On The Birth of Adulthood in American Culture

Oh, that Eco article slayed me. I love the tragic yearning of Krazy Kat so much!

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On Ask Polly: Should I Dump My Stupid, Lazy, Alcoholic Husband?

@pterodactylish I was gonna suggest the same thing!! It sounds like things are better for you now--I'm glad it worked.

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On Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Panicking And Crying Over The Slightest Criticism?

En fuego!! That is excellente. And great advice. Sisy needs to realize that 33 is nothing. Dating won't be as easy as it was, but it's still more that doable.

Although, to be fair, I was looking at an old diary and I saw that at 35 I was complaining that I was too old and too fat and no one would date me. I wasn't too old, and I was a good healthy sexy weight. It's all perspective.

And Polly, thank you for your very thoughtful and thorough advice to CTC. Therapy WILL help.

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On Free To Be... Straight White Males

@alexandra ME TOO, but not Guatemalan--Chilean. Where I grew up, hispanics were REVILED. OMG. They were bums. Lazy. Smelly. You did not associate with them. Where? Staten Island. And despite being in NYC, there were no opps for Latins who tested well. Me and the bro got naught from our swarthiness, except sometimes followed around stores and one time denied a seat at Denny's (in Florida. We don't have Denny's in NYC). These days, I'm pretty convinced my lack of ability to advance at my place of employ is due pretty much to me being vaguely other. I'm not obviously _something_ enough that all those ivy leaguers can pat themselves on the back over, but I'm just other enough to make them uncomfortable.

This piece just about killed me being a few clicks down from the Harvard Boys of Conan O'Brien's writers staff. You wanna talk about white male privilege? It will be a long long time before any little brown girls get to write comedy for shows like The Simpsons, Conan, 30 Rock (yes, I'm calling you out, Tina Fey).

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On Know Your Internet History! A Chat With Cockeyed's Rob Cockerham

awww. teh good ol dayz. When I moved my David Foster Wallace essays from aol to my own domain, all the apostrophes became weird. And wow, frames are as embarrassing as my 80s new-romantic haircut. I still have those pages up, but I cringe when I see 'em.

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On How To Write The Great American Novel

@barnhouse I LOVE _Felidae_! I think it's out of print, but it was wonderful. So much better than that other cat-written book that cane out at the same time, _The Autobiography of Foudini M. Cat_. My cat reviewed it. He didn't like it. I was writing a book from the POV of cats, Isosceles Love Triangle. I should finish that some day. Oh, and there's _Catwings_, by Ursula K. Le Guin, the kids book where the cats had wings. Does that count? How about _Archy and Mehitabel_? She told those stories to the cockroach, he didn't make those up on his own, right? Anyway, yeah! More cat POV books!

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On Miss Simone's Ninth-Grade Hip Hop Appreciation Class in Brooklyn

I think this is amazing. I would have loved something like this when I was in school, as opposed to having to listen to the school's scratched-up classical records. I'm a firm believer in showing kids how education can relate to their real life and their real interests.

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On Our Week With Marilyn

Is there a chain restaurant that's good? Please advise. I grew up in New York City before we had all these places that were advertised on TV, except for TGI Fridays, which I was never really sure was related to the ones outside of New York on account of ours being a notorious singles joint where my mother and her friend brought me for champagne brunch when I was 16, and boy, that was fun. Anyway, I sort of liked the Cheesecake Factory when I went there--is that wrong?

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On Is Impossible Pie Impossible?

My mom used to make the zucchini and cheese version. She was kinda the master of these easy recipes that came on the backs of boxes, or that involved Campbell's Cream of Anything. Now she just eats cheese and ice cream and those pouches of Indian food, which are much easier than having to mix something.

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On Survey Says! The Complete Online Dating Advice Guide for Men

@Cogwheel I don't care about height, but what I do care about is when a guy who claims he's 5'8" shows up and he's shorter than me. And I'm 5'4". I can understand why a guy would do that, but why not tell me before the date? If I'm a jerk, I'll cancel. But if I'm a jerk, I'll be mad when Mr. 5'4" shows up too.

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