On Ian McShane Made An Album In 1992: Would You Want To Listen To It?

An excellent and fascinating exploration of one of Blackburn's finest sons.

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On The End Of Glassing

From the "SUNS AND DAUGHTERS" section, no less!

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On Why the Tea Party Hates Occupy Wall Street

One difference between protestors then and now is that there are now no jobs to walk into once you're tired of protesting. The incentive to stop being a hippy: gone!

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On Pet Shop Boys Singles, 1985-2010

I hope you thought long and hard before placing Suburbia so low down.

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On Britain Makes Stabbing Legal

It will be known henceforth as "Knife Island," until such a time as the Knife of State passes to a government less attuned to the call of the blade.

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On Critic Raises Stakes In "When Did R.E.M. Lose Its Cool Card" Debate

I believe there are three stages to losing the cool card. The first is the moment where a band starts spending its coolness capital, expanding into something new. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and is often a very good thing. The second stage is the awful song, the Shiny Happy moment, that confirms that in this case, it was a bad thing. The third stage is somewhat paradoxical but ultimately the most important -- it is when the band does something extremely successful -- and often very good indeed -- after the point where it lost its cool card.

In REM's case, I guess it might be 1) Document, 2) Shiny Happy People and 3) Automatic For the People.

But then this "power of 3" hypothesis fails to account for the fourth and irrevocable stage where the band consciously attempts to be cool and everyone just cringes even if it's sort of OK. 4) What's the Frequency Kenneth perhaps?

Ultimately all bands that proceed from 1 must proceed through all subsequent stages. The only thing that can save them at this point is irony, the only substance that can transubstantiate vestigial cool into the body and blood of awesomeness.

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On Big Website Used To Be So Awesome But Totally Sucks Now, Say Cool Dudes

I do. The advance on that maybe paid enough to buy a good laptop. Do you really think a co-credit on a Dummies Guide makes his subsequent 'free' novel's commercial success a result of 'money made via the old model?'

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On Big Website Used To Be So Awesome But Totally Sucks Now, Say Cool Dudes

OMG did you actually? Someone just did!


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On Big Website Used To Be So Awesome But Totally Sucks Now, Say Cool Dudes

"free-culture horseshit from someone who made his money via the old model"

Now where have I heard that before! Cory didn't start publishing novels until long after BB started? First novel, Down and Out, was 2004-ish and free beer from the get go.
I remember folks at the time making fun of it, saying that he only gave it away online because he was unknown and desperate for publicity. Now they say that it's a freemium marketing trick that only established successes can avail themselves of. Eye-roll!

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