On Andrea Dworkin, Men's Rights Advocate

Came for the Dworkin, hoped for some Paglia, left slightly confused about definitions within feminism again. tl;dr never read the comments, especially the civilized ones

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On How To Order A Croissant

Any Englishman who does not pronounce it "Croy Sont" is a traitor.

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On Everyone Secretly Hates "Snow Fall"

Basic parralaxy type layouts are easy. Here's one I did a couple of weeks ago.


The times just has to shit gold and be seen to shit it.

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On Horsemeat Scandal "Breathtaking, Delicious" Say British Politicians

Honestly, the whole thing is just so the British have an excuse to tell the French that their meat is substandard and then sit and watch them sputter with outrage.

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On What Would Jack Kerouac Be Doing If Here Were Alive Now?

He'd be complaining about Kinja.

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On Gun Violence Reports Are The New Weather Reports


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On Pet Shop Boys, "Winner"

Neil Tennant sounds like someone tried to human an autotune.

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On Can 'Diablo 3' Point Us Toward A Grand Unified Theory of Nerdrage?

I am just here to point out that you missed the all-important artistic et cetera, which is that the gloomy gothic airs of Diabloes I and II, while certainly cheesy, were a different and superior form of cheese to the awful World of Warcraft-style visual camp cheese of Diablo III. It's like some kind of fucking disco in there and this is a very serious matter indeed.

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On A Tale Of Two Tennis Shirts

As a Fred Perry person with a lifelong revulsion at the Lacoste alligator, it never struck me that it might simply be working class British prejudice. But like so many things, it is!

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

Oh God mine is Dragonlance/Forgotten Realms too. Is there a support group?

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