On Dave Eggers Took a Cab Ride

@Backslider No sorry, Eggers' piece is dumb as hell.

"But if Shane Bauer can be jailed for hiking near the Iranian border, is it so improbable that I could be disposed of in some way here in the Saudi desert?"

Yes, that is really improbable. These are two very different situations. Holy shit, the narcissism.

FWIW, I like Eggers' writing, which is why it is disappointing to read something this dumb from him.

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On 2013 Style: A Tragedy In Four Acts

@euphorianth Showing up to defend your style piece in the comments is kinda embarrassing, dude.

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On I'm Gonna Take A Pass On Russell Brand's Bloody Revolution

Wholesale purge-based revolutions often turn out poorly, but a little terrorism shoring up the wing of a mass nonviolent resistance movement has often been a good thing for raising the profile of an issue and making nonviolent resistors appear more credible.

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On "Gravity" Is A Transcendent Piece Of Crap

This is the better of the two Slate-pitch Gravity reviews on the Awl.

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On Martin Amis Too Bohemian For Brooklyn

Martin Amis complains about posers and refers to himself as a bohemian in the same conversation.

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On "Hey Foxy!" Inside The Oil Boom's Amazing Bachelor Boom

@Leigh Ann@twitter It links to the story on the exoticdancers.net forum which states that the strip clubs fly in women regularly.

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On A Brief, Opinionated History of Taxes in America

Holy crap, Mike Duncan! I am actually listening to the History of Rome podcasts on my subway commutes these days; I'm up to Commodus. Glad to see you're still doing stuff.

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On Tech Billionaire Selflessly Launches Political Group To Help His Company

1) Are we expecting the internet robber barons to do something contrary to their interests, or what?

2) If (if!) whatever this is results in a more humane immigration system that lets more people into the country, the result will be an increase in human welfare. As for how likely I think that is, see #1.

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On Will Drones Be Banned In This Rich Desert Suburb?

This guy is a defense contractor, I can't believe he didn't realize the best course of action would be to build his own drones to patrol his yard and take out other drones, until he had pacified the entire cul-de-sac.

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