On The Murders And The Journalists

It's a fascinating case, and this is a great survey of its literature.

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On A Conversation With Whit Stillman About The Script Of 'Metropolitan'

What a pleasure to read. I wish Stillman made more movies, and I wish I could rent or buy Damsels in Distress on iTunes (or Amazon, or anywhere really).

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On Is This Publicity Bad Publicity?

@MattP Well, also, in the first example I don't think any of those female celebrity sex tapes were documented infidelity.

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On Science Is Going To Ruin Drinking

I've got a vodka ad on this page. Targeted? Or just generally a good bet for a Balk post?

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

@katalist It actually never occurred to me that "Disqus" was a pun on "discuss."

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

Nesting! That's exciting. I like commenter #s, but I think nesting is a greater good.

As far as legibility goes, I'm not sure the sample comments on Splitsider are a huge improvement. The font size of the comment-text itself doesn't look much larger to me, but now each comment takes up much more space. I don't think of myself as someone easily overwhelmed by text-length, but I was only able to read a couple of comments per scroll, which made me scroll a lot, which made me less interested in reading the comments. And I like to read comments. Maybe you could make "Like" and "Reply" smaller? That'd help with vertical compression.

Please don't make FB identities mandatory. And I second dinosaur_senior's request for a mobile site.

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On Understanding What Ladies May Not Wear to Prom

@dado Maybe it's regional? I grew up saying "prom" with no article, and I graduated from highschool in the '90s.

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On Survey Says! The Complete Online Dating Advice Guide for Men

@omitofo Look, just because you are a member of X and do Z doesn't mean that every member of group X does Z. Even if you have *personally observed* some other member of group X do Z, it's not logical to assume that most members of group X do Z.

Bottom line: gender stereotyping won't help your love life.

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On Survey Says! The Complete Online Dating Advice Guide for Men

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On James Frey Explains Himself

FWIW, I spent about 30 minutes with him once, in a publishing-related context, and he was a lot more straightforward, chill, and normal than many authors with much less strident public personas. I hated a Million Little Pieces, and am not a fan of all the goofy stuff he says in interviews, but I liked the James Frey I met just fine. In fact, the person and the persona are so different it almost makes me wonder if this isn't all some weird performance art thing.

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