On The Economics of Plugged Leaks


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On Brooklyn's New Colonial Frontier

At least we'll be able to look forward to the inevitable outbreak of smallpox.

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On Memes and Misogynoir

Long, thoughtful and important pieces of writing in the week before Labor Day? Where the hell am I?!

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On The Last Ever Song of the Summer

I was hoping the Robyn/Royksopp collaboraion "Do It Again" would catch fire this summer, but unfortunately nobody else wanted to jump on this bandwagon:


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On What Was Money, Part Infinity

Is this one of those "15 Cats Who Think Their Poo Don't Stink" that I read about at the top of theawl.com?

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On Death to Negronis

Negronis and suit jackets with shorts?

Jeez, fellas. You don't have to cover ALL the greatest hits on day one.

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On "Porn Star" Colby Keller Gives Away His Instagram; Fans Concerned, Amused, Deflated

I can think of a few things I'd like him to give me.

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On How To Not Barf

If you grew up in NYC through high school and didn't master the ol' "puke between subway cars" trick, you either didn't have much of a life, or you had a life but went through it puking inside subway cars and everyone hated you.

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On Population Growing

@Clarence Rosario It's actually all automatically generated by the despairum ipsum machine.

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On Population Growing

Tell me more about this lunch place that only charges $13 for a salad...

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