On Portrait Of Grief

There you go again, making me cry at 9am on a Friday. Thanks, though.

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On How to Eat at Chipotle

Anna's!!! Thanks for making me nostalgic for Davis Square.

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On Introducing Our Real American Thanksgiving Cookbook: Lefse

THANK GOD FOR THE AWL. My Grandma has been slacking on sending me this recipe (butter/sugar version, obviously, because lutefisk is GROSS).

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On You are Encouraged to Visit our New Lady Friend, The Hairpin

It is my favorite logo yet on the Awl network.

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On Meet Your Vegetables: Grapes and Things That Taste Like Themselves

Yay this series! Looking forward to a turnip and/or rutabaga post...

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On National Book Awards: Patti Smith Yes, Jonathan Franzen No

Make it three, and read Barbara Demick's "Nothing to Envy" about North Korean refugees.

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On Millennials: They Took Our Society and Now They Have a Magazine


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On Crucial Reading: Cam'ron and the Brilliance of "No Homo"

At least the post didn't mention Lacan. No po-mo.

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On How To Cook A Bolognese Sauce

Fairway has them! (If you are so fortunate as to live near one.)

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On The Rich Are Different: They Eat More Money

I got all excited and bought a box of those pop tarts after that post, and was SORELY DISAPPOINTED. You might want to rebury those memories.

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