On Jon Stewart, Stop Hurting America!

@barnhouse I don't quite get why we have to be tolerant and understanding of them just because Leonard Cohen thought it seemed like a good idea in 1985. Barack has spent 3 years trying to be reasonable with the others. They laugh at him. The media laughs at him. Now I am laughing at him. What has reasonableness gotten anyone? Ask Adlai! Well okay... A d speaking of which you kinda dropped the "rich" bomb when you described that lovely man and well since presidential candidates are mostly rich it seemed a little unfair.

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On LeBron James Can't Hear You

This is a brilliant piece! - the writer clearly knows his subject but is also well aware of what is unknowable about his subject - Big agreement here that Lebron is unknowable - loved the mean girls line about lebron & wade - dead-on -the two of them could not have thought of doing anything more off-putting - their explanation; that they were giving the media something to blow out of proportion was particularly Palinesque and even more off-putting - I was stunned that Van Gundy uttered the truth that they would not likely have mocked Kobe or Pierce - unusual truth from the booth - I do however think that there are a few aspects of Lebron's sports personna that are clear -I think it is safe to assume that Lebron thinks that winning a title will make a man - and that maybe the very thing that is hindering him - it's a major miscalculation - I think Kobe and Michael enjoyed the journey and that's why both of them got to their destination so often - Lebron may be thje Eddie Murray of Hoops - to repeat - a most impressive article - thanks!

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On Voting: The Most Discouraging, Important Thing You Can Do

Agreed! Voting is like NHL Hockey - completely stupid but completely necessary -

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