On George Clooney Has Those Terrible Doors

@Matt Ha! You win.

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On The "Culture of Positivity" is a Bummer

@Michael Robbins@facebook Yet you took the time to respond (with CRUSHING WIT). I thought you said you preferred your animosity unclothed?

You do bring up an interesting question, though - must responses to art be intelligent? If so, what are the criteria? Do I need a PhD in English in order to hate your poem? How far must we go in justifying our like or dislike?

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On Why the Tea Party Hates Occupy Wall Street

@Sara N. Dipity@twitter Whatever; I went straight to your twitter page and that was the website that you linked to. The point is, there are credentials and there are credentials. Yo Yo Ma is a musician and so is my neighbor's kid who plays jams in his garage. Whether or not you like Mr. Sauer, agree with him, think he's a lying liar who lies, etc., his credentials are undeniable and your hyperbolic comments serve little purpose other than to embarrass yourself.

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On Good News: 8 Out Of 9 Bridges Probably Okay

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On Why the Tea Party Hates Occupy Wall Street

@Chris Pakyz@facebook Relevant things = things that Chris Pakyz has heard of. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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On Why the Tea Party Hates Occupy Wall Street

@Sara N. Dipity@twitter I think anyone who regularly writes for the Atlantic can call themselves a columnist. As someone who blogs about 50%-off coupons for JoAnn fabrics, what do you call yourself?

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On When to Wear Pleated Pants (Mostly Never)

Ugh, I am always dismayed - DISMAYED - whenever I see a perfectly nice pair of pants ruined by pleats.

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On What A Pack Of Cigarettes Costs, State By State

@Joshua Ungerleider When I first moved to North Carolina I tended bar at a local music venue. Being a college town, about half the crowd was surprised at only having to pay $4 for a microbrew, while the other half griped about having to spend more than $2.50. Also, WaWa - i miss it!

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On Life After Zionist Summer Camp

@fb88816934 I was wondering how long it took until you resorted to ad-hominem attack; bizarre psychological conjecture is an added bonus! We have never met, you have no idea what communities I am active in, you have no idea about my childhood (I was never ever bullied and am close with many of my childhood friends, but that's irrelevant to this discussion), or my present level of success (which is great, thanks for bringing it up!). I don't even hate Israel - I'm disgusted with many of its government's actions. I'd like to assume that if we were having this discussion over a beer you'd be less of an asshole, but that's as silly an assumption as the crazy ones you've made about me.

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On Life After Zionist Summer Camp

@Rick Dorfman@facebook In all seriousness, though, your attitude scares the fuck out of me. Do you really mean to say that questioning or thinking critically about Israel’s policies, related US policy, etc., means that one is not “standing with one’s people”? Is such questioning or difference of opinion really “denigration”? If I were to question the American invasion of Iraq, for example, would I be “denigrating” the US? Are my relatives in Israel not “standing with their people” because they don’t support Bibi or AIPAC? Your all-or-nothing, us vs. them attitude does nothing but turn people away – people who would otherwise be receptive constructive dialogue.

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