On Das Racist And Other Friends I Never Made In College

@secretlystephie I'm not even from St. Louis and I know that it can only be St. Louis. That's how much you people talk about high school.

Posted on September 30, 2011 at 5:17 pm 1

On Chemical Apple Pie: Apple Pie Without The Apples

Maybe this approximates apple pie if you're one of those suckers who uses canned filling, but I don't see how it could come close to a real apple pie. I mean, the inside is just mush, right?

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On What A Pack Of Cigarettes Costs, State By State

And prices are much lower outside of the cities. Where I live, a pack of Pall Malls goes for about $3.50, and packs as low as $2.25 aren't hard to find (although they're probably hard to smoke). Living in middle America ain't all bad.

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