On Ugh, What Am I Going To Do With All These Stilettos Now?

Have to say I devoured all of the stuff in that NY Magazine feature shamelessly -- if there's something I enjoy more than people doing a good job bashing Brooklyn, that would be them trashing San Francisco.

I have my reasons! Think you've banned me from commenting here! Still like and read you guys anyway!

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On Ask Polly: How Do I Find True Love And Stop Dating Half-Assed Men?

WOW tough night -- anyone check up on what's up with Saturn and Mercury or something?!

Kanye? -- I am so overwhelmed by the wisdom, I will shut up now

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On Man Divisive

Well I replied to that, although all I could think of to say was "Ce ne fait rien"?

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On New York v. London

Funny how a certain number of years ago, someone would have been making the same equation about New York and L.A. -- only in that scenario, New York was the stodgy town without much potential for breaking through.

Anyway, that window may have passed -- at least it's nice to hear about NYC creativity, without any unwarranted references mentioning San Francisco!

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On Ultimately Unsatisfactory Series Finales, In Order

Oh Thanks -- you're reminding me that no matter how much praise I am seeing these days for television, I Still don't need to watch Any of it?!


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On Every Teen Should Have Their Phone Taken Away RIGHT NOW, SERIOUSLY, NOW

Well I, for one, always rely on cultural observations based on life in Manhattan and the Santa Clarita Valley, latter being adjacent to the porn capital of the world. Of course everyone else does too!

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On Michael Ondaatje Is 70

Alex, you must have the Best tickle app?!
I love Ondaatje -- did you ever read "Running In the Family" -- his account of childhood in Sri Lanka? So beautiful.
And I will beg to differ -- I like the movie.I have been sad about Anthony Minghella dying since the day he did so.

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On Tina Brown, 1953 - 2013

A bit late to the party here, but have to submit nevertheless: this woman(?) almost destroyed The New Yorker in her heyday, and is a menace to any kind of media whatsoever.
No I have never met her -- touchy-feely... and sometimes that's the best way to make the call.

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On Six Lesser-Known "Golden Ages" of Media, 1991 - 2005

Dear Choire --

Just wanted to say that I saw some excerpts from your book last night and think all will be interesting going forward! Congratulations! And that New Yorker piece is going to help a lot --

Best from VA (think you blocked me on Twitter - but still very best),

Drew Hart

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On Thelonious Monk, In Order

Nice job! Want to try your luck with Bud Powell and Bill Evans too?

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