On David Bowie's Lost "Jean Genie"

I've watched a bunch of those BBC4 documentaries on prog and metal and they always say that the crowds were full of men. I always wondered what the women were listening too. Seeing those crowd faces (especially that gorgeous black girl with the huge smile), I think I know now.

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On How Much More Does A Steak Dinner Cost Today?

I pretty sure the New York Public Library has an extensive menu collection. They were just on NPR crowing about it. Also, the New Orleans Public Library, where I work, has a good local collection. Even such expensive places as Brennan's and Galatoire's were once $20 per family.

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On Name That Los Angeles Neighborhood!

Had my divorce party at Tom Bergin's in 1998. There were a lot of people. Also just so happened to be St. Paddy's Day.

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On No Matter What, America Hearts Paris

Down here in French-leaning New Orleans, the one guarentee of business for our art house cinema was anything with Paris in the title. Every blue-haired old lady would plunk down for a little time spent in the old city. Even if Paris wasn't in the title, French films still way outperformed American films. When Landmark refused to show Angel A here, the manager threw a fit. Of course, Landmark always complained because for two weeks in February, business bottomed out and they could never figure out why.

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