On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

This is one of the most frightening visions of 40 I've ever read. Ugh.

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On Drinking While Pregnant

Fair enough! Totally had not taken the time to look into it at all, and was just wondering what sorts of evidence there was, so that's actually great to hear. =) The science part of my brain is skeptical of everything on both sides always, and the pot-smoker part of my brain is happy to hear about such evidence. Glad to hear there will be plenty of studies for me to read when I'm deciding about pregnancies!

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On Drinking While Pregnant

Errrr what kinda sample size was this based on? Are there multiple studies about this? How were the studies conducted? What outcomes were measured? For how long?
I would love if light pot smoking during pregnancy didn't correlate to any adverse outcomes, don't get me wrong.
But my scientist brain won't let me believe one book written by one doctor, nor anecdotes.

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On Why Emma Watson Really Left Brown

oh god lhasa apsa. can't stop laughing at lhasa apsa.

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