On Greece Totally Hosed, Smokey

It's amazing how early 20th Century American stereotypes about immigrants turned out to be a great investing strategy. Shiftless mediterraneans, etc.

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On What We'd Do With $15.5 Million in Funding

Give David Shapiro $1M to start a hedge fund. Balk could be your Macro strategist.

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On The 'Tree of Life' "No Refunds" Sign

Watching middle aged couples (who just showed up because of a positive NPR review) have a screaming argument with a 20-year old bro in a cardigan the second after the credits roll is totally worth the price of a five hour nap.

Posted on June 24, 2011 at 11:31 am 4

On Film Reviews as Advocacy: the 'Times' on 'Bad Teacher'

She is EXACTLY like those lady cashiers at Walmart that got fucked by the Supreme Court.

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On Bar Food, In Order

If you having an eating disorder replace #20 with a packet of gum and #1-19 with more booze.

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On When Not To Text

One day we will look back on unforseen wireless device radiation with great fondness...

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On Sexy Viggo v. Fassbender Cronenberg Sexy Time: The Sexy Movie

Keira Knightley is doing her best Rachel Weisz

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On I Enjoy Being A Lesbian

This just in: Ellen Page has been revealed as a 25 year old Canadian man named Michael Cera

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On There Will Never Ever Be Jobs Again

I bet someone is perfecting a free resume disqualifying cloud service at Google HQ right now.

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On Pearl Jam Songs, 1991-1996, In Order

I demand the "the whale song"

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