On A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage

Wow. Thank you.

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On Meet the Lawyer Who Defends Everything Retrograde

Ugh I work for an office that represents death row and other criminal defendants in their appeals and civil rights lawsuits. Criticizing lawyers for representing controversial or unpopular clients is boneheaded no matter the underlying politics.

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On Let's Not Build Anything Ever Again, Never Forget

I mean, I think his point is clearly "how much security are we going to have on this rail system" not "never build trains"

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On The NYPD Runs Secret COINTELPRO Programs for All Brown People

@Lockheed Ventura The problem is also that it's possibly unconstitutional.

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On The MoMA Admission Increase is Horrible

@IBentMyWookie the moma, obviously

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On The MoMA Admission Increase is Horrible

Does that mean tickets to movie screenings will cost $25 now?

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On We Live In Torrid Times

I have a question. So when you guys put the powder on your weiner and then have to use a urinal some time in the day, don't you get a bunch of a powder on the crotch of your pants? It looks pretty weird.

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