On Saving Summer's Trashiest Cocktail: Make Way For The $21 Long Island Ice Tea

@orejitasmiamor I met a very drunk man a few months ago who tried to order a vodka redbull for himself and "something girly and blue" for his date. He ended up with a blue curacao vodka redbull.

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On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

@rural14 if you were French you'd only have sex with your spouse when you're away from your Parisian lover.

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On Experiment Boring

I shared this with my office and it took ten minutes of us debating what pitch was for the New Zealander to interfere and tell us all our theories were completely wrong.

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On Man Dislikes Word Processing Program

The real problem I discovered this morning is that it can't even smoothly move text between two different Word documents.

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On The Masters, As An Augusta Townie

Augusta? Oh girl, I'm so sorry.

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On 'The Secret History': I Know What You Did Last Reading Period

@omitofo I read it post-college and it did not make me glad to have gone to a large Southern public university at all.

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On Buying The Bottom Shelf: An Adventure In Cheap Liquor

The Pearl plum vodka in the picture is the beeeeeeeeest with lemonade, but it's like $6 cheaper down here. I hope that means I can get all the bottom shelf liquor discussed for less too.

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On 25 26 Arrested Reporters and What They Do

*Kennesaw State

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