On Meet Stanislaw Burzynski

@Gef the Talking Mongoose oh yes the quantum pseudo-science scene, like an existential quandry for bulshitters. Is it possible to say nothing but still somehow be lying?

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On Meet Stanislaw Burzynski

@JABB yeah If read a lot of material by cults, pyramid schemes, fraudulent medical practices, etc. and one of the tactics that appears most frequently with these is to trumpet your persecution as evidence for your reputability. Its a pretty effective trick. Another good one is to put your self-produced "documentary" on Netflix so it can adopt a false sheen of legitimacy.

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On Children's Books Bad

@cherrispryte It does concern me, but one thing I wonder about these studies is whether they are assuming that boys will only relate to male characters and girls will only relate to female characters. Using a hard count of protagonist gender as a metric for bias seems to reinforce this idea.

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On Franchise Nation

I sort of expect the battleship movie will just be a harmless ripoff of Hunt For Red October. The board game thing isn't so bad, because there aren't stories or characters in place that a movie producer has to wreck. They can just do whatever they want (which is what they do anyway), and the rest of us can just read a fucking book or something.

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On Franchise Nation

A couple years ago, when Disney bought the rights to Marvel for 4 billion dollars some people thought that was a lot of money, but not when you consider that their business is all about owning the rights to characters that can be re-purposed and re-packaged in different properties. Many franchise films are to come as a result of that deal im sure.

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On Coen Brothers Movies Ranked by Most Thorough Realization of a World

well, I maybe totally wrong on this but I'll give it a shot: I thought the gist was that if you understand the whole reality of a situation then you become a spectator and cant really experience it from the inside, that an important part of life is not knowing why.

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On Easter Parade

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On NFL Stadium Names in Order of Respectability

I remember when the brand-sponsored stadium name was a scry new thing that everyone was mad about, and then just a few years later it was the status quo. Why, of all things, was that the issue where Americans were so flexible and willing to accept change?

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On Jon Stewart's March Toward False Consensus

I dont actually interpret the Stewart/Colbert rally as an overtly political thing. It resonated with me as a joke on the media that is positioned in a pretty simmilar way to a lot of their content, just presented in a more flamboyant way.

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On Reality Television

"the art of photography-heretofore largely devoted to stylized portraits and nature studies"

Not to detract from your point, but I have to nitpick ... Photography became historically significant relatively soon after it's invention for it's use in the documentation of warfare. Both the American Civil War and World War One, to use two examples, had their presence in our official recollections indellibly shaped by the use of photographs, the practice of which irreversibly changed the public perception of warfare in general, as well as the practice of journalism.

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