On If the Olympics Has Taught Us Anything, It's...

@IBentMyWookie : RIGHT? Geez.

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On Go Ahead, Blue Yourself

@boyofdestiny : I would totally drink blue milk unironically, probably before heading out to pick up some power converters.

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On 3 Tired TV Tropes & 3 Shows That Toppled Them

@icecreammang : I know! HEATHERRRR. <3

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On "Then it’s time for the gang bang"

@deepomega : Seriously, the "rainbow" ones are so fucking grody. Chocolate ones are the best.

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On For People In Los Angeles Who Have Considered Suicide But A Website Is Enuf

@Lockheed Ventura : Word.

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On Working for NY1 Is Extremely Hazardous

Was the food in question a Hostess snack cake? Because then your headline is TOGA YO-YO NABS HOHO, POPS JOURNO.

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On How Many Booker Prize Nominees Have You Read?

@tiemposbuenos : Snow Crash and Anathem are both pretty good too. Also, I second the "additional reading suggestions from the editors" proposal.

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On Sun Powerless Against Crushing Reality Of Existence

@Bridget Callahan : YES. My personal experience supports your thesis. In L.A., what makes me unhappy is freaking phone surveys. Anywhere else, I'm happy to take a phone survey, as it gives me an opportunity to complain about the weather.

Love, South Alabama eventually moving back to L.A. hopefully before I have a nervous breakdown.

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On How Many Booker Prize Nominees Have You Read?

Yeah, most of these I haven't even heard of -- and the ones I have didn't sound all that appealing. Now, if you put up the long list for the Hugo or the Nebula, then we'd have something to talk about.

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On Why All The Unpleasantness Over The House Of Lords?

@mishaps : Nah, Forsyte Saga, Madness of King George, V for Vendetta, few other things. I've always found him engaging and enjoyable to watch. It's just that he's waaaay foxier lately with the whole going-grey thing happening...

And if I didn't date *myself* by referring to Garrick Hagon as "Biggs Darklighter," then I'll just straight up tell you I'm turning 40 in exactly two months, in case that makes you feel better.

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