On How To Order A Croissant

Hey, isn't that a pain chocolat in the photo?

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On Meet The Awl

Speaking of treating us like numbers, right now I'm seeing ads for Rick Snyder and Sotheby's International Realty so some algorithm somewhere is clearly going haywire.

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On The E Train: A Colloquy

I heard they were setting up this cool residency program for public masturbators.

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On Frats Nightmarish

Only the elderly read anything but the beginning and end of an Atlantic longread, and their sensibilities are quite delicate.

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On Man Opinionated

Pretty sure I am definitely this friend to some people.

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On Brooklyn Night Court

@Ryan Bradley@facebook hey if we're going to needlessly ruin thousands of lives at least we're doing it in the cheapest, shabbiest way possible.

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On Brooklyn Night Court

So you're saying... the system works?

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On What America Needs Now Is A Successful Television Heist Show

I have a friend who HATES heist movies. Once we tricked him into going to see The Inside Man by telling him it was a romantic comedy (we even made up a sketch of the plot). Unfortunately, after we arrived at the theater we realized it didn't open until the next day.

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On Arguments For Expropriation

Many economic historians believe the reason for relatively high social mobility and wages in medieval England was the labor shortage caused by the Black Plague. Just putting that out there.

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On Only Movie That Matters In 2014 Gets American Release

You have a guy named Dan now and he didn't post this? Shame on you.

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