On Where Is The Follow-Up To 'Eureka Street'?

Whoa! You guys. My favorite book I think. (Duh.) Chapter 11 is perfect.

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On The Barack Obama NCAA Bracket: What Does It Say About The President?

Karma? Nah dawg. Abe will back me up here:

Walker is trying to cut public school funding — UW-Madison included — and he went to Marquette. Karma is the opposite. It's basically the Badgers winning it all, and there being a windfall of some kind as a result, and Bo Ryan refusing to let his team take down the nets while telling a stunned Jim Nantz, "Only total fucking dipshits climb a ladder to make cuts." Then Jordan Taylor winks and runs for governor.

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On Wisconsequences: What Happened This Week and What's Next (Up First: the Voter ID Bill)

Furrealz. The protest-sign makers should have fun with this douche.


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On XL: Designer, Inshallah Clothing Company

brand that would speak positively about my religion

Off to a bad start choosing the name "Inshallah," though. I have always heard it used annoyingly.

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On Sarah Palin Mocked By Simple Facts Of Her Own Career

Actually, she said "a result of he not having much experience."

She has no idea this is wrong.

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On The Way We Quit Internships Now: With a Bang


This is not going to work. After last week, I can no longer in good conscience stay at The Awl. I do not see how presenting things without comment and embedding local news bear videos from other websites will improve my ability to make bar graphs. Oh ha-ha, Cho -- "bar grafs." Good one. You knew what I meant. I quit.

Good luck monetizing your precious in-joke tent.

P.S. I have taken Cat hostage.

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On A Brief History of Kanye West's Twitter

*as ares

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On I Don't Think The Word "Humble" Means What Diddy Thinks It Means

Me three: It was weak. And how bizarre that Dre would say that. Piece to my dome-piece, I would actually choose literally any other Puff single of that era and/or the beat from that Dr. Pepper ad last year that became an Amerie song.

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On Kanye Rocks Facebook HQ A Capella

I stay current with Lycos news.

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On I Have Seen The Future Of Adult Contemporary And Its Name Is Train

Is Train seriously their band name, though? Is this real life? I hope it stands for something, like the way rappers acronymize -- YUP -- basic words to make the appropriation unique.

Drake just said his means "Do Right And Kill Everything." Although mostly a joke since Drake is his actual (middle) name.

I thought it was cool that Tupac was so concerned with Tobacco Use Prevention And Control, though, as counter to his persona as it was.

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