On The Rise of Fake Good Cocktails

"Featuring rye from INDIANA!"

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On A Complete Guide to Today's Apple Event

FiOS or DSL?

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On Escape Artist Tells All

Wait...THIS is how I find out you moved to LA?!?!?!?

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On When a Man Grabs You on the Subway and Tries to Drag You Down a Flight of Stairs

As a white male in his 40s who owns both a Guyabera and salmon-colored shorts, I just have to say:

1) It wasn't me!
2) Hey, white males in your 40s who own Guyaberas and salmon-colored shorts who physically confront women over minor perceived slights: don't be such fuckwits. You're making me look bad.

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On The Most Correct Way to Grill Vegetables on a Stick

So, if you're not going to serve the veggies on a skewer, why not just use a grill pan/basket (or two) and make it easier on yourself? Nothing says you can't sauté mushrooms and peppers and onions together on a stovetop, so use a grill pan or piastra without the hassle/pretense of the skewer. The flavors integrate, and you can maintain hot and cool sides of the pan to manage different finishing times.

That said! Thick slices of onion do OK on bamboo skewers: use two skewers to prevent them from spinning when you turn them.

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On Say What You Mean, New York Post

I imagine the catcall stretches back to ancient construction times, when the Israelites were building the pyramids, with scores of single Jewish women hiking up their loincloths, hoping for a little attention.

This is some next-level trolling. Bravo.

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On Why You Should Never Call Before a First Date

@happymisanthrope Wait, when did the Three Day Rule get tossed aside?!?!?

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On "Sketch" Is a Lie

I would totally watch a SketchFactor competition reality show.

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On Some Things I Will Miss About Brooklyn

My favorite greenmarket farm is in New Paltz. Whenever I visit, I see fellow Brooklynites and their Zipcars by the dozen.

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On Let Slip the Tweets of War

In fairness, Predator drones have a wicked Instagram feed.

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