On What I Learned in Two Years at the Tea Party

This makes my brain hurt!

Posted on August 25, 2011 at 1:30 pm 0

On Mike's Says Please "Ice a Bro" with Us!

I Rush Limbaughed a bro and now he takes a little oxy to dull the voices in his head.

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On 7 Things To Expect When Getting off Zoloft

Let us not forget how pissed off the next two weeks of hell are...

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On Water-Milk Last Beverage Option for Socialist America's Malnourished Tweens

Two schools 30 miles from here are going to cut staff. American kids are testing at an all time low, but at least they working on that evil 2% milk!

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On Inside the Czech Gay Porn Factories

wow... being Czech myself... I am thinking I should go back!

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On The Black Athletes Who Don't Play Basketball

all I know is 2nd row, right end... You can stop by around 7pm tonight.

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On The Black Athletes Who Don't Play Basketball

I just got a little pee on my leg! hahahaha

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On Photo Of Committed Couple Expressing Affection Sickens Readers

Well someone is going to be wriggling it around in excrement tonight!

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On Big Questions, Recursive Loops

its not all that much fun, no wonder its no longer "cool"

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On Real America: The Gunmen Among Us

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT ABE? Your mechanic was there? I WOULD HAVE BEEN AT FUCKING HOME! Who the hell is this new man fixing you cars? Poking around under your hood! I am going to kick his ass!

Posted on February 28, 2010 at 8:43 pm 0