I'm pretty terrific.

By major disaster on Six Essential Hobby Lobby Products (And Where To Buy Them Now)

The zero candle is for the fetus you will be gestating because your employer doesn't cover birth control.

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By BadUncle on The Case for Drunk Texting Mom

Look, FWIW, I'm willing to text anybody's mom about anything, at anytime. I'm there for you. And your mom.

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By holdup!holdmyphone! on Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Won't Stop Raging About My Sexual History

I know from experience, because I used to be one: baseball players are raging assholes. On the other hand, RFF, you're an asshole for giving this dude herpes. Seems like you're made for each other.

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By Leon on The Bros Who Inherited the Earth

It's nothing to do with tech, the new whatever, or anything.

Entrepreneurship is for people who can afford to not work a guaranteed paying thing without disrupting their life or people who can be willing to risk living in poverty (HI THE AWL GUYS) to do the thing they care about. It is also for people who have been raised with the belief that "Yes, your thoughts are valid! YOU CAN BE A SUCCESS"

It's not surprising that a lot of entrepreneurs are assholes. I'm sure it's always been that way.

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By hershmire on Are Cyborg Identity Politics Destroying YOUR Favorite Restaurant?

Would it be a dick move to hold your camera phone up to a Glass user and assure him/her you're not recording when asked to put it down? Hypothetically.

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By KarenUhOh on A Drone Tried to Kill Me at a Gizmodo Party

@IBentMyWookie "Reasonable troll."

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By KarenUhOh on A Drone Tried to Kill Me at a Gizmodo Party

Mmm mm de dah de dah la la la la negligent supervision against Defendant Gawker Media LLC de dah de la de dah. . .

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By BadUncle on The End Of Comments

I started commenting years ago on Gawker and a couple of its sister pubs. At the time, it seemed to offer the same opportunity for clever banter and occasional insight one used to find on the pre-Web Intertubes, while also mutating normal civility by the same false intimacy. Worse, anonymity with a democratic medium gives a megaphone to every crank in a crowd. When Gawker's readership floodgates burst, standards for wit eroded. I think the lesson here is you don't have to flog traffic by lowering the bar to entry for the commentariat.

These days, about the only commenting in which I participate (reading or writing), is on Awl pubs and IO9. And also Etsy, because, you know, doilies.

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By Screen Name on The End Of Comments

Give me a few minutes and I'll weigh in with what appears to be an attention-seeking, overly long comment not even related to this post!

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By hockeymom on All That We Have Foreseen Has Come To Pass In Brooklyn

@Beagle Finnbar is actually their pug.

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