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On Roger Allen François Jouret Is 60

Que ma joie demeure

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On Albums Return

Wow. I mean he is still a fox but--dang.

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On I Was A Love-Letter Ghostwriter

Just so great. Thank you very much for this. The key thing, you're colluding actively with the author, drawing the information out of him/her. Very very lucky for Jana Leo de Blas to have found you, I was thinking. You came to care so immediately and so deeply to transmit the actual thoughts of the author!! (SO very different from that infernal movie.) Also, utterly fascinating for JLB to claim the copyright on these. On what grounds, one wonders; she neither wrote nor "wrote" these letters. I'm only a casual student of IP law but just as a matter of interest, would this hold up if challenged? Very seriously doubt it.

For me at least, though... I would find even the slightest degree of mediation desperately upsetting, if I were the recipient. Maybe that is eccentric of me, to be so devoted to the universe built for two alone (Vonnegut's "duprass") (?)

A separate consideration, the matter of sending... I can see that someone who is scared might want to pay to kind of be pushed out of the airplane. There's a whole universe to unpack, just in that part of it.

Ah, me.

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On An Oral History Of Gawker, By Reddit

@KarenUhOh you really were the President of Gawker for a time, I remember that (you and LolCait! such a great Administration, that was.)

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On Steve Perry Is 65

That is how you spell Sherrie?! Good lord.

When my old bf was waiting tables in Beverly Hills at this super weirdo little Italian restaurant Steve P. used to go in there all the time, and I was reliably informed that he is the kindest and best guy, funny and nice, no celeb antics etc. I join you in wishing him a happy birthday today. I wonder, how is he celebrating?

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On Ask Polly: I Am Obsessed With My Boyfriend's Evil Ex-Girlfriend—And Her Blog! (And Their Dogs!)

There's a crazy ex in my husband's past, too. Their whole drama will fade; don't help keep it alive. Your new life can be about your new life, if you let it.

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On "Her": This Movie Makes No Sense

@thegardenhead hmm. Thank you for this thoughtful note. I liked your reading and wish I could have entered into it, but I can't. If it's part of "the current culture" of the film that people have completely lost the basic ability to connect, and are reduced instead to "cold, impersonal gestures"--more to the point, ersatz, false ones--then the movie is premised on an idea of what human beings are about that I can't buy, not even in the context of 'the fantastic' or however it is we should be characterizing near-term speculative fiction now.

Compare this movie to Jonze's masterpiece, Adaptation--which, not coincidentally, was written by a committed and passionate writer. Here, too, we have a persuasive hero/anti-hero: a flawed man, an Everyman, and like Twombly, also a writer. By the end the Kaufman of the film is living on a fuller, richer plane than the one we first found him on. But all his flaws are intact.

It appears that Twombly was meant to have been cut from the same cloth. He too is meant to represent a talented writer who achieves through pain an amplification of awareness. The argument that Twombly's ineptitude as a writer is meant to convey irony holds no water, because remember, he was the husband of another, now-famous writer whose career he helped bring about. His work is showered with praise, and a volume of his collected letters is eagerly accepted for publication. So. It seems to me that if you "focus on the story"--like I tried to do, seriously--it really falls apart. In fact, you can't focus on the story in order for it to work: you have to agree to stay on the superficial plane of its sentimentality, and ask no questions of it at all.

Will look forward to hearing more from you.

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On "Her": This Movie Makes No Sense

@Rebecca Schoenkopf ha gee was he really meant to be a nebbishy sadsack?! That reading seems available but I couldn't persuade myself that it was intended, when there is this general aura of admiration around Twombly's work (published book, the praise of Samantha, colleagues, success of job, comfort at home etc.) I mean obviously, nearly everyone else is seeing something I couldn't! Just as thegardenhead suggests above (hi there! that was a nice note, thank you.)

Regarding 'aliveness'--I don't think it would have worked at all if you weren't picturing the real Johansson (????)

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On "Her": This Movie Makes No Sense

@joshc I KNOW they don't tell you?@!?! It's incredible. What do you think, I can't even imagine not knowing?!

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