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By kittenplan on The Book I Didn't Write

It's abundantly clear from what you've written here why you decided not to write this book, but at the same time what you've written here would make me drop everything and start reading this book immediately if it actually existed.

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By AReadingWriter722 on Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

@awlful It shouldn't cost a recurring monthly fee to "borrow" a sub-par book. What "game" are you playing?

For $120 a year, one would do well to purchase quality used books.

Jacking up their annual fee by a rather large percentage & then turning around and immediately rolling out this nonsense (there is not $10 a month of value in what is on offer for "borrowing") Amazon is riding a slippery slope. If they want to delve into the intricacies of online capitalism they should talk it over with Netflix. They burned themselves in a similar fashion not too long ago, and had to back track pretty quickly.

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By Christopher M. Rose@facebook on Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

Michael Hart - there was a man. A frontiersman not a pioneer; I feel like we hardly understand our debt to him. If there were some legitimate effort to build a monument to him (though I never actually met him) other than Project Gutenberg itself, I would gladly contribute to it.

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By freetzy on Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

@Kzpbb2 Sure libraries are not free, they are paid for by taxes duh, but you're already paying for the service so you might as well use it instead of paying extra for worse service (worse meaning Amazon Unlimited's offerings are so far pretty bleak). Like, if your boss gives you Cubs box seats, you're already paying with your soul by working at your crappy job, you might as well go to the danged game instead of refusing those and then buying tickets to sit in the upper deck.

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By xee on Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

@awlful she's not saying "amazon should offer their wares for free", she's saying "amazon are asking you to pay for what is basically a library card for a shitty library"

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By Mr. B on Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

I do not own an e-reader and do not plan ever to buy one. I never order books from Amazon because it is evil. There are no decent bookstores or libraries nearby. And yet I'm a big reader who buys a lot of books (too many, really), and I really don't feel technologically deprived or disadvantaged. It really isn't all that hard!

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By Open Library on Seriously, Fuck You, "Kindle Unlimited"

Thanks for the shoutout. In addition to the several million free titles we have for everyone, always, we also have 200,000 ebook titles that we lend worldwide. We're pretty happy with it.

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By KarenUhOh on 28 Years with Weird Al

Expertly written. Like a surgeon.

Dare to be stupid, I always say. To prove it, I lost on Jeopardy.

P.S. The first record I ever bought was The Monkees.

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By KarenUhOh on Man Vs. Word

Ed or Evelyn Wood

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By Gef the Talking Mongoose on Man Vs. Word

I can’t situate my thoughts in the topography of a big book the same way when I'm ... unable to feel with my hands whether I'm a third or a tenth of the way through ...

I had a really remarkable experience a couple of months back, reading a book which I thought contained a single novel. As it turned out, it contained a novel followed by a 20-some-page novella. It was only when I got to the end of the actual novel and was jerked to a psychic halt that I realized I'd been anticipating the amount of plot left to go tactually rather than intellectually. So, where I was anticipating a last-minute twist or exposition to fill up those last 20 pages ... nothing. It was very discomforting.@Gef the Talking Mongoose : Oh, also, Maria! I read your piece in the May edition of Harper's! It was quite good, and also DAMN, HARPER'S, GOOD SCORE THERE.

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