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On How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

@GailPink YES.

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On The End Of Comments

@KarenUhOh Oh, I am.

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On How Should We Deal With The Worst Of The Internet?

@KarenUhOh Makeup!

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On Writing In Public

@either_ada We agree, then. And you are right too that freedom of speech comes at a cost; what I'm saying is that it's worth paying. That is to say, yes, be sensitive, be careful. But the risk is worth taking.

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On Writing In Public

@either_ada Thank you for this thoughtful reply. If all those who were quoted in BuzzFeed felt the same way, that their hands had been forced, their agency taken away, I would agree with you. But, serious question, how is it taking their agency away any less to make the blanket claims you make on their behalf? At this moment a number of the tweets are still on the BuzzFeed post, signed, not blurred. Clearly opinions vary on this matter. If we are going to respect the rights of individuals then they must be respected one by one, not by making generalizations.

It's to be regretted, if those who posted to Twitter not understanding the public nature of that forum came to any harm. I honor the impulse to try to look after those who have been hurt, and I hope to be their ally. But for me, First Amendment considerations are always going to come first.

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On Writing In Public

@Freddie DeBoer I think you make a very good point, and wariness of one's own biases is the ground zero of real intelligence. Is there a single human being anywhere who wouldn't benefit from starting the day by asking himself, "Am I being an idiot now? How about now? Now?" and just going on in the same vein until bedtime. (I think not!)

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On What Time Is The Revolution?

@Ralph Haygood that's just what we're supposed to think.

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On The Great Crypto Stagecoach Robbery

@Sten Ryason@facebook Too right. Also, Brazilian currency history = utterly fascinating. I heard the inventors of the Plano Real interviewed years ago on the radio (a couple of academics!) and nearly lost my mind from excitement. So neat! You pop into the store and there are two prices displayed at once: Fantasy One, cruzeiros, and Fantasy Two, reais. It's not entirely impossible that we could see the same thing happen with cryptocurrency.

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On The Great Crypto Stagecoach Robbery

@You Know What? Oo! Sorry about that. A 'core developer' is a programmer with the authority to commit permanent changes to a software project. (The Bitcoin Foundation modeled its organizational structure on that of the Linux Foundation, another not for profit org dedicated to the smooth operation of an open source software project.)

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On The Great Crypto Stagecoach Robbery

@johnsmane This guy is Canadian, and they have fewer options. But also he does not seem like the sharpest tool in the shed. Why did he not just go to Cavirtex? Did he not want to wait a week or whatever? (News flash, you have to wait for dollar funds to clear to open an ordinary bank account, too!) In any case, it is beyond easy to trade bitcoin in the U.S. and SEPA countries. (With a little patience!)

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