On No Matter What, America Hearts Paris

Finally! A chance to share my favourite Paris story EVER that I copied out of a newspaper: (maybe The Guardian, maybe 2006-ish?)

Japanese fall out of love with Paris

Dozens of Japanese tourists have been given special counselling to recover from the trauma of a visit to Paris. Already this year, Japan's embassy in the French capital has had to repatriate at least four visitors suffering from so-called Paris syndrome, including two women who believed their hotel room was bugged and a man convinced he was Louis XIV. Yousef Mahmoudia, a psychologist at Paris's Hotel-Dieu hospital, said: 'A third of patients get better immediately, a third suffer relapses and the rest have psychoses.' The travellers came to the capital with high expectations only to be shocked at the unfriendliness of locals, a newspaper reported. One tourist said: 'For us, Paris is a dream city. The French are beautiful and elegant. Then, when they arrive, The Japanese find the French character is completely the opposite

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