On Kelly Brook, Our Lady Of The Selfies

@Sunny Schomaker Now! is my favorite magazine to buy in Schiphol on my way home to the US. That and Heat. It's way more fun if you don't know who anyone is.

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On What Was Your Weirdest Celebrity Sex Dream?

I had a dream where I almost had sex with Nicklas Bendtner but then we didn't have a condom so we just cuddled instead. I get the sense dream-Nicklas was much nicer about it than the real Nicklas would have been.

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On How Pixie Lott Became A Star

Isn't one of Bob Geldof's kids named Pixie? So this isn't her?

I need to study my Heat magazines more closely.

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On My Conversation With A Wells Fargo Fraud Specialist

@GailPink yeah, I've had to do that once or twice since I moved to the Netherlands but kept a US bank account open. It's annoying, especially as my cellphone won't call overseas and I have to find a phone card and look, those are my charges!

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On 'The Autobiography Of Henry VIII': Which Ill-Fated Wife Would You Be?

OBVIOUSLY you want to be Anne of Cleves, because then you get the hell out of Cleves (which is a nice-enough part of the world now, but seemed to suck then), you get a castle and an entourage and precedent over all the ladies except the King's current wife and whichever kid is legitimate this week, and you can basically dick around and play cards all day. Anne of Cleves had it made.

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On The Scourge Of Pour-Over Coffee

@cbarth My dad, too. He uses it at night, when he drinks coffee and my mom doesn't, so there's no point in running the whole coffee machine. It baffles me that this is chic now and you need a fancy ceramic thing for it. (His is/was always plastic and fairly cheap.)

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On When Did The Remix Become A Requirement?

Today I heard a "Latin" remix of Ice Ice Baby.

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On What's Your Most Played Song?

last.fm tells me that my number-1 song this year was It Must Be Obvious by the Pet Shop Boys, with 53 plays, followed by If I Can't Change Your Mind by Sugar and A Red Letter Day also by the Pet Shop Boys at 51. This seems right because I put on the Pet Shop Boys mix I made a LOT over this past year. It Must Be Obvious is sort of arbitrary, though, it could have been any of the songs on there.

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On Don't You Wish You Looked Just Like Cheryl Tweedy?

One of those Ashley Cole sleeping-with-bimbos scandals took place in Seattle! I was so proud.

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