On Life and Death on the Bear Cam

So which site should I keep on all day - I'm loving how calming this all is. Which one did Lurch hang out in?

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On The Cascade Of Emptiness And You

your emptiness is my emptiness balk, but your arguments are the same arguments faux populists use to shame people who have minor criticisms of POPPOPOPOP. remember this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4-vEwD_7Hk

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On The World Is Full Of Trash

YAY! The return of Abe Saur. thought we had lost him to gawker :-/

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On We Had A Good Run

actually, balk's use of the title and alt texts is one of my favorite things about the awl. for real. and i don't even have a twitter or instagram!

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On Why Is America Turning To Shit?

Great piece, but I'm not sure i see the point. Making fun of white left/progs for being smug about their eco-friendly lifestyles is fun and all, but it ain't new and it doesn't really solve the structural issues you're describing. Portlandia-esque caricatures of making fun of Zizek, Kristeva and the rest gets us part of the way... I guess you're saying that the privilege to not have toilets is just that, while they forget those that don't... But doesn't actually address the environmental nightmare of toilet paper and the newest trash like wipes, right?

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On U MAD??? Evgeny Morozov, The Internet, And The Failure Of Invective

maria, intelligent writing as usual, but to follow yours down the rabbit hole, strawmanning "invective" is just as useless as strawmanning technologists. i haven't read morozov's book but i have read a ton of his essays, and am rather aware of the online world in which he participates.

i think that his work - taken in this context of "futurism" hustlers - is a welcome correlative and one you'd be just as interested in, since your world of JSTORs and humanists would have no space left carved out if we followed the "business-first" hypercapitalism espoused by many that provide the world's technologies and design the protocols by which those nice archivists share. it is here where morozov shines - pointing out the vapidity of lauding twitter for arab revolutions, for example -- and where his contribution to the web is really important.

i think you're kidding yourself if you think that the post-death worship of steve jobs, for example, and the world-is-flat bullshit of shirky and the rest (which you accurately point out is morozov's whipping boy) is unrelated to the way corporations operate on a cultural level and harness their antiworker globalism to the ideologies of futurism or technoworship, based as they are on "newness", "innovation", or other terms that only mask the hideousness of the tech world (see for example today, linked from the Awl itself, http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/05/14/america-s-new-oligarchs-fwd-us-and-silicon-valley-s-shady-1-percenters.html).

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On Brave Heroes Denied $1.3 Million Reward For Finding Killer Cop

Ken, is there any state in the US that isn't fulled of murderous thugs, from Tenessee to LAPD (and i'm not talking about Dorner)? Your series make this country even more of a total hell than I usually feel about it.

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On What Grown Men Look Like In Shorts

the shorts hate on this here site - like the flip flop hate - is so hilariously apt of americans' self hate of the body - and the protestant/wankery english history on which this hatred relies. on this front, the deep ideologies of homophobia (and more, homosociality) have won so thoroughly that is possibly the only subject that deep "progressives", ultramacho culture and conservatives fully agree. or put more simply: while choire hates on shorts/flip-flops here, i get called "fag" for wearing them at union pool (why i was at union pool is another miserable story) by white hipsters.

edit: choire AND balky.

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On Soon There Won't Be Anything Unpretentious Left

@Faintly Macabre well yeah - its the white yuppie york times, remember? All threats, warnings and cautions are about *consumers* being exposed to something, or afraid of something, or changing something - never those that work or need protection by regulation.

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On Republican Party Will Soon Be Four Rich Guys In A Room

@Niko Bellic @deepomega - while latin@ voters may be more socially conversative there's a much greater sense of "public" and government's social obligation than white/american people (and that includes park-slopish liberals!). like in, uh, the majority of the rest of the world, there isn't the overwhelming idea that you should drown the government in the tub because why; rather the sense that you are OWED shit by your government is alive, well and not subject to the disgusting entitlement discourse by which it is tarbrushed here... i'm looking fwd to that one.

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