On Self Affirmed

I can hardly express how appalling it is that the president, who has rightly been hailed as an intellectual giant in comparison to his predecessor, nonetheless thinks Andrew Sullivan is smart.

All by itself, Sullivan's cheerleading of the Iraq war conclusively demonstrated otherwise. That is simply not a mistake smart people made.

I'm assuming, of course, that this characterization of the president's reading habits and his reasons for them isn't just B.S. But, of course, it might be.

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On The Ads We Deserve

"They seem *quite* excited. How do you feel?": Like I should stop reading The Awl right this instant and get back to work on the ad-, tracking-, and data-mining-free replacement for Facebook and Tumblr I'm developing. (No, I'm not joking. Yes, I realize that sounds absurd.) If Facebook keeps this up, which they undoubtedly will, the demand for my service is going to grow and grow and grow.

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On Time Spent

I'm here to remind you - tediously, yet again, don't I have anything better to do? - that if you sold subscriptions, you could ignore all this nonsense, at least as regards The Awl.

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On Facebook Reveals the Future of All Media

This too shall pass. Remember when MySpace bestrode the world like a colossus?

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On The Mathematics of Re-Calibration

The funny thing is, I remember how, in The Time Before Reagan, many conservatives (radicals, really, but I'll retain the conventional terminology) felt like nobody represented them. I grew up among people whose politics were Birch-ish at a time when the Republican party was led by people like Gerald Ford. As far as they were concerned, no national politician spoke for them. Reagan was a big deal, because he at least kinda-sorta agreed with them. Still, most Republican politicians sadly failed to be True Conservatives, and even now, the rank and file continually grumble about RINOs and the urgent need to get rid of turncoats like, um, Thad Cochran, of all people. So it may be that many of the nation's poor, ignorant, and above all belligerent white men will hardly notice a difference in years to come, because In their minds, they're barely represented right now.

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On The Mathematics of Re-Calibration

@riotnrrd: Shorter and ruder version: They'll have to stop being such a**holes.

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On Has Your City Been Marked For Death Yet?

It's happening right now to my smallish, heretofore fairly obscure city in the southern USA. I've lived here for almost 10 years, and I've watched the "coolness" - restaurants, bars, galleries, boutiques, etc., many of them in formerly abandoned buildings - rise along an initially slow but steadily accelerating curve. At the moment, it's a great place to live, but in view of the astounding numbers of "luxury" apartments, condos, and hotels scheduled to open in the next couple of years, I'm pretty sure I need to get out of here before 2017. Some of the choicest property in my neighborhood is owned by a guy who was a big shot in the Bloomberg administration. If that isn't a harbinger of doom, I don't know what would be.

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On Local Ballet Enthusiast Explains Patronage

Perhaps I'm not in the group he has in mind; I'm more a Scandinavian Social Democrat than an American not-so-social Democrat. However, for the record: I don't enjoy anything at all about Chucky or Davy. I may some day enjoy reading their obituaries, if they're in the vein of Hunter Thompson's obituary for Dick Nixon.

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On Book Tells You What Money Is

I'm well aware of what the people with all the cash are doing to me and most of the rest of us. I'm also well aware that such political and economic arrangements generally don't change for the better in the normal course of events. Nonetheless, they do tend to change eventually. It's happened many times throughout history, and I've no doubt it will happen again. When it does, however, I'd prefer to be somewhere else.

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On Anniversary Commemorated

Words rarely fail me, but all this is too depressing for words.

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