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Ralph Haygood

I'm an entrepreneur and scientist. As an entrepreneur, I founded CardVine. As a scientist, I study evolution, ecology, genetics, and genomics. Learn more about me at http://ralphhaygood.com/.

On Pity the Incoherent Youngs

"To be clear, this is all toxic share waste": And that's a beautiful way of putting it, much more evocative than "click bait".

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On Reasons to Weep

Aw, poor little rich girl. My heart sooo does not bleed for her.

There actually is a good reason to start "the next Facebook" elsewhere, which would never occur to Ms. Bresch, namely the rise of America's megalomaniac spooks and the failure of America's legislators and judges to restrain them.

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On Reasons to Weep

@deepomega: Needless to say, Ms. Bresch isn't going to become a Dutch citizen and thereby expose herself to Dutch taxes on individuals. No siree. Last year, the rate on income over 55,991 euros was 52% (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Income_tax_in_the_Netherlands). TYRANNY!!!

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On Steak Expensive

Balk's piece, in addition to being an Awl Classic (TM), makes the valid point that cooking steak is easy, with the obvious implication that paying someone many dollars to do it is silly.

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On Introducing... Shirterate

If Balk had written this, it would be titled "How to tuck in a fucking shirt."

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On Introducing... Shirterate

@Clarence Rosario: That's exactly how I misread it at first. Shiterate would also be appropriate for the target demographic.

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On The Inflatable Thought Leader

I've just informed my domestic partner that if I ever consent to being billed as a "thought leader", she should put me out of my misery or at the very least leave me immediately, as I will clearly be suffering from dementia.

Posted on July 8, 2014 at 10:32 pm 1

On Preview: 'Lucy'

BALK!!! Reading this piece reminds me how much I've been missing your cheery outlook. I doubt you've been missing making multiple posts every day, but just know you've got a hero's welcome waiting for you whenever you care to visit us here and remind us how hopeless everything is.

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On A Unified Theory of Why Money Makes No Sense Right Now

@hershmire: Bingo! You left the comment I came here to write.

The thing about giving rich people ever more money is that they don't actually spend it - nobody can actually spend a billion dollars - they "invest" it. They "invest" in frothy nonsense rather than invest in sensible opportunities, because there aren't enough sensible opportunities to absorb anywhere near all the money currently sloshing around, because there aren't enough ordinary people with money to buy the goods and services sensible opportunities lead to producing. That's the basic reason for the phenomenon that "more money is piling into savings than businesses believe they can use to make productive investments." In other words, all this is symptomatic of the withering of the middle class.

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On Internet, Why So Blue?

"because nobody notices blue": B is for Blue. B is also for Boring. Coincidence, Facebook/Google/LinkedIn/Microsoft/Tumblr/Twitter? In your cases, I don't think so.

Yahoo is purple. Mostly, Yahoo too is boring, but at least it has that going for it.

"Light received away from the direction of the incident beam is more heavily weighted in high frequency (blue) components than the spectral distribution of the incident beam, while the transmitted beam becomes increasingly red in its spectral composition, as well as diminishing in overall intensity. The blueness of the sky, the redness of the sunset, the waneness [sic] of the winter sun, and the ease of sunburning at midday in summer are all consequences of Rayleigh scattering in the atmosphere." (J. D. Jackson, 1975, Classical Electrodynamics, second edition, p. 423)

"Although Rayleigh's name should undoubtedly be associated with the quantitative explanation of the blue sky, it is of some historical interest that Leonardo da Vinci understood the basic phenomenon around 1500." (Ibid., p. 418)

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