On When a Hot Cop Pulls You Over

Just some cop advice: never admit to guilt, which includes saying a specific speed because if they do choose to write you a ticket, they can use the number that you say even if you were actually driving slower than stated. A better response is "I'm not quite sure how fast I was going." Also, being a white woman helps.

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On Moment Teachable

It's very simple: a logarithm is an exponent.

@brilliantmistake Agreed, but that's what algorithms are now for the most part so it's almost ok.

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On Talking Heads Albums, In Order

Trick question. There are 2 #1s and the other is secretly the cassette version of Stop Making Sense because it has the extended versions of everything.

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On What To Google To Get The Government To Show Up At Your House

99 of these cases turn out to be nothing. Also the other 1 case is nothing, unless you include some great recipes for quinoa though.

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On "Dogs In Pantyhose" Latest Example Of Just How Fucking Weird The World Is Now

Come on guys this is soooo last month. Even your other friends in NY were throwing it around http://dismagazine.com/blog/43109/bitches-wearing-pantyhose/

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On Eight Great Things You Can Eat This Spring That Are Definitely Not Ramps

Rhubarb is poisonous too! Don't eat the leaves! Nibble on the the stalk when it's raw and witness all moisture immediately disappear from your mouth as if you just ate a bag of cotton balls.

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On South Brooklyn Has Lost Its Real Estate Mind

Exhibit B reminds me of every kid's house I visited growing up in Queens so I could play super nintendo cause my parents wouldn't let me have video games.

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On Keep Your Child Fashionably Thin By Putting Meals On Teeny Tiny Plates

Smart kids don't know the difference either even if you could find enough to make a scientifically acceptable sample group. Similarly, this same method works for the majority of adults too.

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On How Much More Does Taking The Subway Cost Today?

Depending on locations, it was more expensive pre-1940 because of the need to pay for transfers. Also, from what I understand the subway fare and a slice of NY pizza has remained the same for the history of the subway, although that requires ignoring the $1 slice that you can find these days.

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On Math Is Hard

I mean visually, if you describe a circle both the circumference and diameter are apparent.

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