By Pulp on Enjoy Your New Era Of Internet-Enabled Intimacy While It Lasts, Because The Psychos Are Going To Show Up Pretty Soon

Oh my god you're right. It's gonna end just like hitchhiking did: with a bunch of icepick murders

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By GailPink on How Jeb Bush Loses On Super Tuesday, 2016

As long as they lose.

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By Abe Sauer on What Do TV Shows Want To Be When They Grow Up?

This goes both ways, no? TV has produced a lot of movies, just not a lot of ambitious movies. (exceptions like The Fugitive maybe). Hollywood is always looking to maximize its brand extensions as it is the most effortless way to turn a buck (as opposed to investing in a new idea, growing it, and selling audiences on a new thing.

Anywhoo, Fargo is indeed an interesting example. Everyone is already comparing it to the great TV of our day, like Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men etc that all created fully formed worlds. And stylistically, maybe Fargo is trying to do this. But to me it has a lot more in common with a show like Sex in the City, Gossip Girl or even Friends in that it is completely based on the regional stereotypes the rest of America has about a single place and its populace. (Like Lake Wobegon.) Without its regional quirkiness, what would Fargo be? A general murder mystery. In that way, like with the aforementioned NYC shows, I fear people will watch almost like its a National Geographic special on these bizarre people and their customs, with which you, as a normal American in a normal place, share almost nothing in common. And this need to have regional quirk might trump the development of characters or story. The original Fargo had this as well of course but it only needed to sustain it for 100 minutes.

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By KarenUhOh on Oysters Shucked

Years ago, back before our self-awareness became genetically coded, I boarded the Chicago "L" in the subway under State Street on a day when it had to be 90 outside and a good ten degrees north of that in the tube. Of course, the a/c on the car I entered had long ago evaporated into the great ice bucket in the sky.

Also, of course, the car was jammed. My position was standing, in front of the "handicapped" seats next to the door, where sat a woman of indeterminate age (I'd say mid-50's), who was bundled up in a winter cloth coat and woolen hat.

This lady opened a large green Tupperware container, removed a plastic fork from her coat pocket, and began to eat potato salad. "Classic" potato salad, all meaty chunks of potato and celery and olive, stagnant in a viscous goo of yellowing mayonnaise. It was obvious from the aroma that this dish had been nowhere near a refrigerator for quite some time.

Also obvious: the bundled-up lady forking this hash into her maw had a mustache. A GIANT, feathery mustache. Captain Kangaroo would have felt his lip to make sure his wasn't stolen.

Large chunks of this potato salad soon became lodged in the mustache. The lady also stoically abjured shutting her mouth as she chewed.

Next to her sat the most proper, prim lady, also "of a certain age," that you can imagine: designer business suit, spiked heels, made up within an inch of her life, even in that heat. She had been professionally oblivious through this, until the odor hit. . .and when it did, she glanced over, in that slight, sideways urban way, at what was next to her--whereupon she gagged, and placed her hand up alongside her face for the duration of her ride.

She lasted two stops.

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By ejcsanfran on The Miata Is 25

@ignerd: Pfft. A bunch of pushy bottoms, if you ask me.

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By Gef the Talking Mongoose on The End Of Comments


Alternate take : (cat gif)

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By NotAndersonCooper on You're Not A Doctor And Even If You Were You Would Still Suck

@libmas She suffers from Inverted Personality Syndrome.

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By libmas on The Girl With The YOLO Tattoo

@Gef the Talking Mongoose I'm going with brilliant. In a single two-sentence paragraph, we get drinking the Kool-Aid, stopping to think, writing people off, and going around the bend.

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By libmas on The Girl With The YOLO Tattoo

@John Rogers@facebook I'm confused. Is the "obscure musician that practically no one has ever heard of" that you mention Drake or Liz Phair?

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By MisterHippity on Gays Assassinate CEO

@17crash Wow, they had bumper stickers peeled off their cars, and honey dripped on their homes? That sounds pretty horrible all right.

I'm sure that intolerant straight people have never subjected any gay people to any abuse as horrible as THAT.

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