By mpb on Word Somewhat Powerful

"This Weekend" means "The End of This Week."

"Next Weekend" means "The End of Next Week."

"Next" isn't referring to the weekend as a unit separate from the week in question. It's referring to the week as a whole, and then the "end" specifies what part of the week you mean.

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By KarenUhOh on Sympathy for the Comcast Rep from Hell

I have a great deal of empathy for the CS minions--they are, indeed, trapped in what must be a nonstop hell--but there is no seeming end to the absurdities. To wit:

I recently moved. I had a Comcast account. Surprisingly, despite a past and palpable ripoff that made my blood boil, I was okay with Comcast. I would have continued it at my new address.

But where I moved had no Comcast service. So I had to cancel. I couldn't renew had I wanted to. Despite this, it took me a good fifteen minutes of phone maneuvering to get out from under the Comcast grip, to the point where I was, and this is no lie, asked if I truly wanted to move where there was no Comcast service.

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By JFarmer on Men Unsettled by Woman's Poems

@Matt Buchanan Thanks, Matt. And I agree. As yet another straight, white, male reviewer, I'm obviously part of the problem, but I'm trying to find ways to mitigate (or at least investigate) that, and I'm glad to see more people in prominent places pushing this subject. For whatever it's worth, I have similar feelings about many male poets, but none are as talented or, I think, important, as Lockwood, and so I wanted to talk about her book while also thinking visibly about the reasons my take on her book was problematic--and to see if I could think and see beyond it.

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By Matt Buchanan on Men Unsettled by Woman's Poems

@JFarmer Oh, I actually admired how honest your review was; I just found the phenomenon fairly interesting, since you clearly were not the only one feeling that way.

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By JFarmer on Men Unsettled by Woman's Poems

The issues Matt raises here are important. We should always question the ways people in privilege respond to work that challenges that privilege. But my review is largely about that. As I write a few sentence later, "But I'm wrong. " And then, later still, "It’s also, if I’m paying enough attention, a reminder that my discomfort with Lockwood’s other poems (one of which appeared in Slate) might have something do with my advantaged standing as a straight white male in the culture she handles with such imaginative disregard." I open with that first paragraph in order to expose and then try to move past my own biases.

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By Matt Buchanan on Men Unsettled by Woman's Poems

@scrooge Man, it's hard to be man, let me buy you a beer

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By KarenUhOh on What Does Your Whorephone Say About You?

"Scott's goals for 2014 include landing a Brittany and a Tori."

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By Gef the Talking Mongoose on Change Comes From Within Website

@Clarence Rosario :

A GUIDE TO COMMENTER NUMBERS, by Gef the Talking Mongoose

0-99 : Founder, supportive / undermining friend-of-friend, mom (hi, Mom).
100-999 : "Early adopter," sucker, narcissist seeking new outlet / soapbox.
1000-3000 : Unhip trying to get hip, wallflower, always-a-bridesmaid, etc.
3000-199999 : Spambot.
200000-299999 : Burner account for category 1, nostalgia user, category 2 user who can't remember password, "twitterer," "facebooker," or some other bullshit.
999999+ : Secret category. THE MACHINES.

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By KarenUhOh on Change Comes From Within Website

That's okay. The more you change, the more entrenched I become.

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By mgw on Change Comes From Within Website

@paddlepickle Maybe she'll get paid now.

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