On Change Comes From Within Website

@Choire Sicha@facebook I keep what I do for money in my other browser window. That's the garbage I'm trying to get rid of. Let me know what works.

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On Who Will Save the Airbnb Faithful?

@butrly You are not paying taxes and you are breaking the laws which are keeping our rents from growing through the roof. Not to mention, you are destroying our neighborhoods.

You can't turn your apartment into a hotel business. Do you really think we are all that stupid, that we are just gonna let you do that based on your infantile libertarian quasi-philosophical arguments?

Let me put it to you in terms you can understand:


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On Internet Terror Cell Neutralized

@95409712@twitter To give you the opportunity to grace us with your commenting brilliance. Thank Gods!

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On What Should We Call The Girls Who Like To Learn?

Oh, in this glorious 2014 of ours, they can be happy they were not told they'd be better off picking cotton.

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On Who Will Save the Airbnb Faithful?

"You can't stop a revolution, as proven by what's going on in the Middle East."
"This is like the Palestine-Israel thing,"

Yep. It's also like slavery, Holocaust, and what else... the bubonic plague? I'd be a lot less alarmed by these jerks if they just came out and said they want to rob us blind (because they are so much smarter than us and thought of stealing first!). That way we could just hit them with fines and taxes. As it is, we may have to lock them all up.

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On What Do TV Shows Want To Be When They Grow Up?

@Abe Sauer " Fargo is indeed an interesting example. Everyone is already comparing it to the great TV of our day, like Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men"

OK, is everyone on crack? I just tried watching the first episode and had to stop after 10 minutes or so. It's horrifyingly bad. This is not a TV show, it's an unfunny SNL skit. What in the fuck...that adult bullying scene... am I really expected to be that stupid to believe that this is a part of that local quirky way of life, and not just a tired cheap TV entertainment routine? Breaking Bad my ass.

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On The Girl With The YOLO Tattoo

"Why would I care about what strangers thought of me enough to keep me from doing something that I wanted to do?"

To get a tattoo is human. To really screw up and write an essay about it, you need a computer.

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On The Girl With The YOLO Tattoo

@Gef the Talking Mongoose @Gef the Talking Mongoose There is only one city, duh. It's an island of eight million white people who live in Brooklyn, work on Wall Street, never sleep, and go to The Broadway Theater Metropolitan Opera every day (as we all know from eight million books and essays written about it, each one of which is named... LEAVING THE CITY)

Fuck me.

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On Prudish Child Files Suit

Think of your future, Bernice!

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