On Portrait of an Israeli Peace Protest

@Yasmine Soiffer@facebook "Question 1: What would you do if your neighbor across the street sits down on the balcony, puts his little boy on his lap and starts shooting machine gun fire into your nursery?"

Oh, wow. I'm sorry, but which nursery in Israel was hit? The complaints against Israel's actions is all about the proportion of the response, and this argument basically says "we are killing their children in response to ... a hypothetical question".

It's xenophobia of the worst order.

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On Incredible Public Spectacle Not Any Kind of Ad for Any Brand At All

It's art because it's in New York.

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On Let Slip the Tweets of War

So what is it that makes them "terrorists"? Can we pin point that? Sure they are murderous fucks. But did we call Viet Cong terrorists? Nope. How about The Zetas? Nah. All those evil Balkan warlords tried in Hague? Ne. But these guys... oh, yeah. See, it's because they are Muslim Arabs. No brainer: they are definitely terrorists.

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On 2015 Summer Movie Forecast: Desert Explosions With a Chance of Good

@Mr. B Yeah, back in the good (in so many ways!) old fashioned 1969, when they used a REAL big explosion, it looked so much better! (from Wikipedia of Battle of Neretva):

an actual railway bridge over Neretva River in Jablanica was destroyed. Director Bulajić's justification for taking down an actual bridge rather than getting the shots in studio was that a destroyed bridge would later become a tourist attraction. The bridge was thus blown up, but because none of the footage was usable due to the billowing smoke that made it impossible to see anything, it was decided that the bridge should be repaired and destroyed again. However, the problem with the excessive smoke occurred even when the bridge was blown up for the second time. Finally, the scenes of the bridge being blown up that eventually ended up in the film were shot using a small scale table-size replica at a sound stage in Prague

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On The Cost of a World Trade Center Image

"The Port Authority, the steward of the very idea of 9/11"

There is nothing more American than stealing ideas from naive foreigners to bank on them on a scale the original creators could never imagine. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed must be pissed.

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On Who Will Disrupt the Public Good?

@hershmire Nobody who drives to work in the "congested urban area" parks on the street. Maybe a few very early birds, after that, the vast majority ends up parking in private parking lots and garages (which are plenty expensive).

What should be done instead is banning cars from the cities altogether. Many European cities have car-free zones at the heart. New York City has sort of started on this with Times Square, many other pedestrian plazas, as well as expansion of "luxury" bike lanes. I hope they continue with it.

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On Who Will Disrupt the Public Good?

@Subway Suicide@twitter Pretty sure that app was recently banned by the city and it stopped operating in SF.

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On Who Will Disrupt the Public Good?

See, the only reason why rich people don't own the rest of us as slaves is that stuff that allows us to survive on our own is just not as expensive as it should be, considering just how much money the rich have (and thus aren't able to take the full advantage of it). The free market is not allowed to work its magic and throw us into chains, and that's wrong.

Not to worry, Silicon Valley is here to disrupt that unnatural state of affairs and we can all be herded back into slavery, as the natural laws of free market demand.

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On 2015 Summer Movie Forecast: Desert Explosions With a Chance of Good

@Niko Bellic Oh, and by the way for the killer "comic book" movie (or a TV series in this case) check out Utopia on Channel 4. It's both more beautiful and more bloody than any Batman or Dredd or what have you. It doesn't have a "super hero" though (and worse: no smoking hot actors either), but hey...

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On 2015 Summer Movie Forecast: Desert Explosions With a Chance of Good

Well... it's the photography, or as Americans call it "cinematography". All the shots are not just well lit and colored, but above all well composed as static. In fact, I'm hearing that the the movie wasn't even shot from a written screenplay, but from a series of drawings, better known as "comic book" (or "graphic novel", if you will). The action is not conveyed so much by movement, but mostly by composition. This trailer loses almost nothing when broken down into individual stills. The camera not only doesn't shake... it barely moves. Instead, it's tilted, set deep, set high, etc.

This trailer is awesome, but of course, whether the movie is good remains to be seen. It's been (well) done before, though: Dredd. The key is to do just this "comic book experience" and nothing else. I hear it has almost no dialog. Good sign.

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