On Kanye West And His "Thirty White Bitches"

Brilliantly written. More please.

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On 'Jurassic Park' Is The Perfect Movie And Explains Everything About The Amazing World Of Science

This was great. Just great.

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On The Future Looks Back On 'Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story'

"Apatow has a yacht named "Thanks, Stoners.""

Nice work, Nicole. You have made an enjoyable-to-read piece and convinced me to watch this movie again.

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On 'Crash': The Most Loathsome Best Picture Of Them All

I haven't seen Crash but I read this for the authors. Please continue co-write things, AHP and melis. Also... I like Dave Matthew's "Crash"... melis please don't judge me? It was one of the first albums I owned, ok?

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On How To Bully Children

I want to be your friend, Sarah Miller! "The school secretary hands Efrain a pile of copies. “These are so warm!” he exclaims" perfect detail.

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On Survey Says! The Complete Online Dating Advice Guide For Women

@melis You are the best internet commenter.

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On How To Make Weeknight Pasta Sauce

Can we all agree that the pictured plate of fettucine does not have even close to an acceptable amount of sauce on it? Is this the "maybe leftover for lunch" plate?

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On How To Make Weeknight Pasta Sauce

@Danzig! Whaaa?! Are we talking sliced or like mashed up into the sauce? Is this an Australian thing? Do you fry them first? Why do I feel so compelled to try this?

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On Crumpets Are Kind Of Terrifying When You Think About It

@Rollo I used to be really creeped out by the small holes in sand by the beach! And other small clusters of holes though I can't remember specifically which. I have also since gotten over it. Mmm, crumpets...

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On The Pill Will Make You Think That Nice Guys Are Actually Attractive

"Mr. Right At Doing Sex To You The Way You Need It" should be a 90's R&B song.

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