On A Very Beautiful Visualization of Cancer Survival

Well, if people are talking about Tufte and it being an "explainer" of math, I think they are talking about it like it is. It's fine as a cartoon panel, but I just think as something that is actually informative, this basic table from wiki is better:
Breast cancer stage 5-year overall survival of over 50k patients
Stage 0 92%
Stage I 87%
Stage II 75%
Stage III 46%
Stage IV 13%

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On A Very Beautiful Visualization of Cancer Survival

Pretty? Yes. Good explainer about cancer and math? I disagree. Other than saying you'd want type 1 breast cancer vs. type 4, what do you get out of this? I can't even tell where type 2 and type 3 breast cancer start and end on this image. This is a case where the data would be distinctly easier to understand in table with percentages rather than an infograph.

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On Pablo Dylan, "Top Of The World"

And here I was certain that nothing would ever make me recall Jacob Dylan with any sense of fondness. Didn't take too many genrations for that talent pool to evaporate.

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On On Things Just Not Working Out

I'm at loss how this article is about the wisdom and enhanced world view that comes with age (of 28) when she still needs to force herself to *really* think about how a day where she wanted a nicer computer and had a bad horoscope might not actually be a terrible day.

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On On Copyright, Fair Use and Photography

Actually just about all of this opening paragraph makes me feel like any legislation working against this guy can't be all bad. "Remember Kind of Bloop, the chiptune tribute to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue that I produced... giving the total profits from the Kickstarter fundraiser to the five musicians that participated."

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On Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner of Hot Garbage (Except in the New 'Footloose')

krump. with a k. And no, they are not.

More importantly, has Tight Eyez fallen off in the past six months? That's what I heard and it makes me way more sad than another pointless 80s remake that will make more money than it should.

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On Rap Music Is Good Now Because Rappers Aren't Afraid To Be Weird

Related to this weirdness being male-centric, I'm going to hold off on heralding rap as the music of the iconoclast when it continues to be scaffolded by a constant strain of misogyny. And I'm saying that as someone who loves rap, etc. But if everyone is going to be saying the same thing about half the people on the planet, it's not particularly novel.

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On Don't Trust Anyone (Over 30) Who Claims to Know What the 'Middle East' Uprisings Mean

I might be misunderstanding what is meant by "political logics vs. cultural ones," but it seems like nothing we've seen so far stands in opposition to this idea. Mass uprisings are always going to be pretty much removed from political logics. People just need to get out in the street and stay angry. It's what happens after the government steps down that you'd expect political logics to emerge, yes? Or did I mistranslate the academy speak that Fadi was throwing down?

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On What Do Raekwon, Kobe, Ghostface Killah And Jim Jones Think Of When They Think Of "Rock N' Roll"?

"Well, what matters here is every rock 'n' roll reference of Raekwon's is probably actually some drug reference. "Willie Nelson" -- that was a package that was moving out of Philly 3 years ago. And "Bob Dylan"? Like half of Seattle od'ed on that." I wrote that before even listening to the link, and now, having listened to it, I realize that I was accidentally being surprisingly accurate.

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On The Ex-Jock Full-Employment Plan

When LaPhonso Ellis came into the league and the Denver Nuggets thought they had a franchise player, Denver was plastered with his oversmile.

I think probably someone taught him to do that long before he set foot into ESPN. Either that or he was just happy to be a millionaire athlete and is now as happy to be a thousandaire commentator.

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