On Nerds Urged To Reconsider Object Of Nerdery

Fuck to yes to the hella fucking yes.

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On 'Time' Makes Smart Move In Trolling Generation That Does Nothing Else But React On Social Media

My christ-hole. I give none fucks what a Baby Boomer thinks about generational narcissism.

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On How To Make Perfect Risotto

Btw I impulsively made this recipe earlier tonight and it was GREAT!

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On How To Make Perfect Risotto

Don't listen to these dorks. Truffle oil is the shit, it's not it's fault it's been over-used in crappy American cooking

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On Pubic Hair Debate Video Takes Avant-Garde Approach On Complicated Issue

The notion that French women today stay hairy is wrong. Paris is all brazilians all the way!

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On Two Ways Of Looking At 'Tiny Furniture'

@Emily I think you did a fair and even-handed job-- it's just a super sensitive issue. How could it not be?

I enjoyed reading both pieces. I'm glad this can be the focus of discussion as opposed to-- as you've both pointed out-- Dunham's appearance or whatever. I'm a big fan of her work! I feel similarly about Sofia Coppola; I appreciate they're both making honest work about their own personal experience, whatever it's worth.

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On "I Met A Ghost!" Five Chilling Real-Life Tales!

@HiredGoons Naw, keep doing what you're doing so I can continue to be jealous of your rooftop Chelsea hotel parties :) Totally jealous of you hot bastards!

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On "I Met A Ghost!" Five Chilling Real-Life Tales!

@Bobby Womack Also being sure to mention he and his friend are "two waifs in skinny jeans," lest the reader assume they're unattractive.

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On Fine, I'm Already Boycotting the 'Hunger Games' Movie

Duuude, who says he's not gonna play it gay? Oh wait, it's actually just that Lenny Kravitz probably can't act. Probably?

I don't know, I'm not that worried about it! I think he could work pretty dope as pretty, serious Cinna.

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