On The Rise of Fake Good Coffee

@samsamsam What coffee do you like?

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On The Rise of Fake Good Coffee

I was all ready to agree with this until you named names. The coffees at those places are pretty good. They're not at the level of 9th Street Espresso, Joe, or Grumpy, but they're totally solid coffee places.

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On Bagels, In Order

This list is an embarrassment. Salt bagels are just pretzels. This list was made by a bagel hater.

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On Twitter Users Sad

This sounds faulty. Sometimes I tweet "suicide" when I'm quite happy, and I've never seen anyone tweet "laughter" because that wouldn't make any sense.

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On If 'The Simpsons' Ends Will You Care?

I would be sad, but it's time for it to go unfortunately. I knew it was over, finally, when Mr. Burns said "stand back, bitches" a few seasons ago.

South Park, by the way, is going strong as ever at 15.

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On Williamsburg Nail Shop Wins Pun Contest

I'll take Wok Around the Clock, thanks.

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On Stupid Moon Was Actually TWO Stupid Moons

How did "the moon sucks" become the angle for this post?

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On Airplanes: Modern Day Slave Ships


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