On The Great Fingering Debate

When describing it as something done to/by someone else, "finger-bang". When requesting the act be done to myself, "finger-fuck". Asking someone to "finger-bang" me makes me go all junior high giggly.

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On What I Learned From Watching 180 Deodorant Commercials

I wonder about actual units sold as well. Although, I was thinking the campaign was more of a rebrand, kind of like when cable networks change their logo/font/color palette/etc. in order to attract a different audience or "refresh" their image. before the ads came out I thought old spice had one scent and they made aftershave and deodorant, now I know their product line is a lot more varied. Will I buy it? No, but I also won't buy Axe products, I'm not the target demographic. Have they increased their brand recognition? Yes, and if that is what they were going for, then, success.

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On Real America: Guess BP's Stock Price on Christmas Eve, Win One BP Share


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On In Praise of Five Cigarettes a Day

Easy smiles, quitting after 13 years won't put you in the clear for throat cancer either. But you know, don't stop believing!

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On Letters to the Editors of Women's Magazines

I love many features on The Awl, but this one, this one i love so much I would let it hit me when it had a bad day.

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On Matt Cherette Is Going To Move To New York City

"if you give people facts, they get to make up their own minds"
This is the thing here, I think. I read this yesterday and then again today when I saw the comment craziness, and I kept thinking why is this so odd and angering to people? Because at face value it's really just what it is and that's it, which is, a bunch of facts presented without comment, nothing at all like what goes on over at ivygate. Sort of like how if you take all the adjectives and metaphors and whatever else out of a thing, then everyone makes up their own mind and the story you thought was really uplifting is really depressing to someone else. All these facts presented without opinion leading everyone to speculate and making a mess, i guess.

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On Guest Op-Ed: Where The Fuck Did You Learn How To Park, You Fuck?, by Tom Scocca's Former Car

Agreed. I learned to parallel park because I had no choice, living in K-Town in Los Angeles in a slew of old buildings with no parking because when they were built people took the streetcar or rode a horse or whatever. You either learn to jam your car into the smallest possible space or get used to searching 45 minutes for a spot 10 blocks away. Eventually some drunk chick in a giant truck smooshed my car while it was parked and I just went fuck it and never got another one, but I can still parallel park like a pro when one of my sad unskilled friends gets all shaky in the face of a justbigenough spot in between a trash can and an SUV.

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On What a cheerful day this has turned out to be.

The maximum rate a school can get reimbursed by the feds for a free lunch is 2.85. They get less for reduced price lunches. Breakfasts top out at 1.74. Whether or not a school gets the max amount is also contingent on how many free/reduced lunches a school supplies and whether or not he school is in 'severe need".
Add to this that a school's eligibility for Title 1 funding (special funding for programs to improve academic achievement in disadvantaged schools) depends on how many students receive free lunch, and you end up with schools that are pushing to get 40% students on the free lunch program so they can get funding for, umm I don’t know, ESL teachers, but then end up having to figure out how to feed all those kids on under 3 dollars a day. The want to add a pricey item like fruit or better meat, it come out of their pockets.

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On Extra-Dumpy Pants Making a Comeback

You know who rocked dad/Seinfeld jeans? Kevin Arnold. It totally grossed me out. And no they weren't 1970's jeans, they were Seinfeld jeans, there is a difference.

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On The Great Annual Change Bowl Cash-In!

oooooooh do i get a foam football?

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