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On NYPD Honcho Wants to Frisk You Even More

@Lockheed Ventura He's not quite electable—I imagine he'll remain a faithful technocrat, if not in New York, then at the state or federal level.

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On Gin, Tonic and IMAGINATION

Too many Gin and Tonics. Not enough Negronis. It's the season, you know.

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On Hanks for the Memories

Oh dear god I need a negroni.

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On Today Only: The Awl Is Auditioning New Commenters!

@Clarence Rosario F+F'ed

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On The Most Beautiful Version of the 'New York Times'

@seentwagg Yes! Though my guilt about AdBlock Plus led me to forking over money to subscribe to the Times. Oh well.

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On Some Advice for Young People

@bshep The Awl - so helpful! So filled with heartening advice. Makes me wish that I went to the Awl Bawl and bared my soul for all to enjoy.

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On Some Advice for Young People

@riotnrrd Currently in grad school in the humanities (1st year). No debt from undergrad or master's program (because the god of money took pity on my future decisions and decided to throw some free cash at me)...so my school is paying for me, but there are no jobs at the end of this. Bad news is that my dream career involves writing. Fiction at that-which I do now, with small successes here and there. (But also, you know, getting a real job to pay bills, etc).

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On Some Advice for Young People

Somewhat helpful! But, re: the numbered pre-advice. Are grad school quitters happy? Leaving my phd program to go pursue Dream Career (which means I get to be bullet point two?).

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On Won't You Take Our Online Dating Survey, Just for Kicks?

@Leon Tchotchke I met my current partner on okcupid and now I spend a lot of time in her apartment (in which lives a cat) and now I'm afraid I may have toxoplasma gondii. So, what I'm saying is that online dating leads to cat-slave disease.

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On Life Unfair

@jolie I live in a world where multiple pie days are okay.

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