On The Most Emailed 'New York Times' Article Ever

I wanted to lick that line, it was so delicious.

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On Real America: Guess BP's Stock Price on Christmas Eve, Win One BP Share

"In 1814, we took a little trip..."

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On Graphic Guide Explains Gay Chest Hair Connotations

Another triumph for infoviz.

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On You've Learned Helplessness

There is still the point about the transportation of meat substitute "foods" -- do you grow Boca Burgers in your backyard? -- as well as their packaging and storage. The vegetarian diet as environmental salvation is a notion simplistic to the point of irrelevance.

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On Houston Local News Show Explains Where Heart Attacks Come From

Before I even saw the video I thought, "I bet they're making Cowboy Stew." That shit is beyond disgusting. His is the gourmet version -- most people make it entirely out of canned ingredients.

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On Fastest Day to Drive in NYC Actually Yom Kippur

Paulie Walnuts is a member of the Tribe?

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On Half Baked, with Jolie Kerr: The Real Recipe for Pink Panty Pulldown Punch

Yeah, I've seen a similar recipe called "Skip and Go Naked."

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On American Girl is an Argument Against Having Girls

Barbie Glamour Camper >>> Lanie's Camper. My daughter likes to pretend that Barbie and her friends are traveling spies. I used to be a Barbie hater, but that won me over.

Also, we live in a tiny house and I trip over that damn thing every day. [Also: I did not buy it.]

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On Miep Gies, 1909-2010

Current Google adwords on that story:
Anne Frank
Dutch Oven Recipes
The Amsterdam
Rooms in Amsterdam
The Vampire Diaries

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