On Class, Strategy And Shopping: What Happened At Occupy Black Friday

@riggssm Agreed. Fuck these assholes.This post is some classist bullshit. "Oh, don't worry about the retail peons who have to clean up after our righteous prank, they LIKE it--or else they are 'disengaged,' in which case we are entitled to insult them!"

Honestly, I'm 100% about most of Occupy, but this kind of trite progressive white dude rail against "consumerism," particularly when focused around the most bargain-oriented shopping day of the year, already smacks of classism and sexism. I really like what Amanda Marcotte wrote on this subject yesterday (and the Ellen Willis essay she cites): http://pandagon.net/index.php/site/pepper_spray_for_your_convenience

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On Crack Brownies

Just made this recipe! Just happened to have some fancy pink salt on hand so I had to try it ASAP. Results are AMAZING. I found that the salt creates a crunchy layer on top, which is pleasant texturally but means that the rest of the (thick!) brownie is lacking in salty goodness. Maybe I didn't use big enough rocks (they were a little ground down)? I was thinking next time I might put a layer of salt on the greased foil before I put the brownie batter into the pan, as well as the top layer.

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